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HispaBrick Magazine 017 out now [News]

The 17th issue of HispaBrick Magazine is out. As always, there’s lots of great content that covers both the thematic and international diversity of the Lego fan community, and download is free. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in the latest issue:

HispaBrick Magazine 016 out now [News]

Issue 16 of HispaBrick Magazine is out now just in time for the 5th anniversary of the magazine. Here are just some of the articles you will find in the free download:

HispaBrick Magazine 015 out now [News]

The latest issue of the excellent HispaBrick Magazine is now available in both Spanish & English.

HispaBrick Magazine 015 cover

Articles in this issue include:

  • A history of flying machines, from a massive LEGO Hindenburg to a Technic Sukhoi SU-37
  • Coverage of recent LEGO fan events, including BrickCon, LEGO Fan Weekend, and HispaBrick’s own event
  • An interview with Sean & Steph Mayo (Siercon & Coral)
  • More tutorials on POV-Ray, LEGO MINDSTORMS and the MILS system
  • And much more…

You can download HispaBrick Magazine 015 for free from HispaBrickMagazine.com.

Hispabrick Magazine 14 out now [News]

The 14th issue of Hispabrick Magazine has just been released. Hispabrick Magazine 014 features the amazing Battlestar Galactica fleet by Garry King, coverage of trends in the LEGO community like crowdfunding and CUUSOO, and even an interview with me, your humble Editor-in-Chief.

LEGO Hispabrick Magazine

Other topics include:

  • LEGO and education
  • Rebrick
  • Mosaic tutorial by Katie Walker
  • LEGO fan events
  • Lots of LEGO set reviews
  • …and much more in over a hundred full-color pages

Each issue of Hispabrick Magazine brings a wealth of high-quality coverage of the LEGO fan community from around the world, in not one but two languages — and all for free! Download issue 14 today.

Hispabrick 12 is now available [News]

The latest issue of Hispabrick Magazine makes a neat dozen. And it’s an excellent read covering many aspects of the LEGO hobby.

The 12th issue of HispaBrick Magazine is available now

In this issue you will have the opportunity to learn more about Mike Doyle and his abandoned houses, trains created by Anthony Sava, the robots of Simon Burfield and the game Super Robo Rally by Steve Hassenplug. You will learn about efficiencient LEGO Technic structures by Oton Ribic and everything related to 9V motors by Philo.

We interviewed the Croatian creator Matija Grguric and present our new section “Pillars of the community” with an interview of the people behind Eurobricks.

You will see a little of the history of the Town / City and Train themes, a celebration of the third anniversary of Panzerbricks, and our participation in different events. There is also the introduction to Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS (IX), our comic Desmontados, various reviews, and an exclusive presentation of two new 2012 City sets!

All this and more in HBM012

Hispabrick 11 is now available [News]

HispaBrick Magazine recently released their eleventh issue and I was quite impressed with it. They have definitely been improving with age.

This issue is packed with goodies and it’s all free! There is a literal plethora of articles including, among other things, the Arvo brothers‘ Mini Moog, Firas Abu-Jaber’s vehicles, a history of classic Space, 5 set reviews and interviews with Barney Main (AKA SlyOwl), Jamie Berard and Tormod Askildsen.

Hispabrick Magazine 008 is here [News]

Hispabrick Magazine issue 008 is now available for download in both Spanish and English.

HispaBrick Magazine issue 008

This issue features:

  • Interviews with LEGO owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Jumpei Mitsui, and many more
  • A minifig-scale paddlewheeler
  • A brief history of LEGO Space
  • How to build a tree
  • Event coverage from all over Europe
  • Lots and lots of Technic and MINDSTORMS

Click the image above for links to the PDF download.

Hispabrick Magazine 007 now available in English [News]

The latest edition of Hispabrick Magazine is now available for download in both Spanish and English. As always, the online magazine is free.

LEGO Hispabrick Magazine 007 cover

Issue 007 has lots of great content, including:

  • Sheepo describes his LEGO Technic Bugatti Veyron (which I’ll be blogging next)
  • An analysis of the lasting impact of Cafe Corner
  • An overview of LEGO superheroes (including my own LEGO Spawn)
  • A tutorial on how to work with LEGO gears (plus lots more LEGO Technic goodness)
  • Coverage of the Hispabrick 2009 LEGO fan event
  • An interview with LEGO designer Jamie Berard
  • And much, much more…

You can find links to download Hispabrick Magazine 007 on HispabrickMagazine.com

Hispabrick Magazine 006 now available for download [News]

The latest issue of Hispabrick Magazine is now available in English.

Hispabrick Magazine 006

This issue includes interviews with Pete Reid and the admins of the Brick-Busters anti-plagiarism group, as well as features on how to clean LEGO, learning about LDraw, and more.

Click the pic for links to download both the English and Spanish versions of Hispabrick Magazine 006.

Hispabrick Magazine 005 now available in English [News]

The fifth issue of Hispabrick Magazine is now available for download.

LEGO Hispabrick Magazine 005 cover

This issue includes:

  • Celebration of the 10th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, with a chance to win a chrome-silver Darth Vader minifig
  • Interviews with Jan Beyer and Mark Kelso
  • Reviews of 10194 Emerald Night
  • And lots more!

Download Hispabrick Magazine 005 for free today.

Hispabrick Magazine 004 now available in English [News]

The latest edition of Hispabrick Magazine is now available.

Hispabrick Magazine 004

Hispabrick Magazine 004 includes:

  • Coverage of events like the Hispabrick expo and Japan Weekend in Barcelona.
  • How to build LEGO trees
  • Interview with Marta Tantos, Design Manager at LEGO’s Concept Lab
  • Interview with Steven Marshall
  • How minifigs shop for new clothes

Check out Hispabrick Magazine 004 on HispabrickMagazine.com today!

Hispabrick 003 now available in both Spanish and English [News]

Hispabrick Magazine 003 (English)The third issue of Hispabrick Magazine has been translated from Spanish into English and is now available for download.

This issue includes:

Congratulations to Carlos Mendez, Lluis Gibert, Iñigo Lazcanotegui, and the rest of the team at Hispabrick Magazine for another excellent issue.