Hispabrick Magazine 004 now available in English [News]

The latest edition of Hispabrick Magazine is now available.

Hispabrick Magazine 004

Hispabrick Magazine 004 includes:

  • Coverage of events like the Hispabrick expo and Japan Weekend in Barcelona.
  • How to build LEGO trees
  • Interview with Marta Tantos, Design Manager at LEGO’s Concept Lab
  • Interview with Steven Marshall
  • How minifigs shop for new clothes

Check out Hispabrick Magazine 004 on HispabrickMagazine.com today!

1 comment on “Hispabrick Magazine 004 now available in English [News]

  1. Conchas

    It’s me! It’s me on the front page!! ;D

    2nd row from the bottom, 3rd from right.
    It was pleasure, to attend 2nd Hispabrick, last december.

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