Arpy has Pac-Man fever

Did you know that the red ghost in Pac-Man was named “Blinky”?

Ean (Arpy) knew that, and built a lovely mosaic using Technic pins axles instead of bricks.

LEGO Pac-Man mosaic

Wakka wakka wakka!

4 comments on “Arpy has Pac-Man fever

  1. legomason

    This looks great. It’s so tiny.

    Another way to do graffiti.

    Techinically (pun intended) they are axles not pins.

  2. sqiddster

    Very nice technique with the axles – I knew that they fit together like that, but never thought of making a mosaic…

  3. Artahn

    Please note that he didn’t come up with the idea, he just took my idea and added a brick border. Although, I am very glad that something I’ve made was thought good enough to be used by Arpy.

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