Mini Telecaster and Flying V guitars look real enough to rock

These guitars by LEGOWOW have enough detail to look almost exactly like the real thing, but they’re still small enough to be awesomely adorable.

LEGO mini Telecaster and Flying V guitars

Thanks to Bruce for the tip!

7 comments on “Mini Telecaster and Flying V guitars look real enough to rock

  1. gigahound

    This is pretty awesome. My first couple seconds made me think I was seeing a tiny model set or something. When I called my thirteen year old in to look, he had the same experience.

  2. txtxtx

    Man, those Guitars are pretty cool, but the amps and the stack are the BOMB. Are the Quarter Inchers even LEGO?

  3. MV

    These are beautiful! The rig on the left looks just like a VOX set-up. And that guitar could totally pass for a Tele…thought if the head were tan instead of black it would be more authentic. Part #2452 is available in tan!

  4. Marin

    Still don’t think so. A Telecaster with no pickguard? Okay, it could be a black pickguard but the pickups are still not Telecaster. And like You’ve said, tan neck and head would help it. But even then it would look like a Les Paul to me. :)

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