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LEGO Ideas reveals their next set as 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera [News]

Hot on the heels of 21344 The Orient Express Train, LEGO Ideas has yet another offering for us, debuting in the new year. 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera marks the 53rd product in the Ideas line. The 516-piece model includes a viewfinder, dials, and a functioning shutter button that interacts with the included LEGO-themed “photos.” We haven’t seen many 1:1 scale sets from LEGO, with the most notable in this category being the LEGO Ideas 21327 Typewriter from 2021. For shutterbugs and LEGO enthusiasts looking to get their hands on the LEGO Ideas 21345 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera, the set will be available from LEGO’s website on January 1, retailing for US $79.99 | CAN $99.99 | UK £69.99.

Take a better look at the camera below!

LEGO commemorates Ninjago/DreamZzz crossover episode with “Enter the Dreamers” poster [News]

With multiple animated LEGO series in the world right now, a crossover episode becomes almost an inevitability. And over a week ago, as fate would have it, the world of LEGO DreamZzz was visited by the cast of Ninjago. To mark this momentous occasion, LEGO has debuted a special poster depicting the entire “Dream Team.” Be sure to give the episode a watch to see how the ninjas and Dream Chasers fare against the Nightmare King and his Grimspawn. And if you’re new to the LEGO DreamZzz theme, you can read up on all the sets and lore in the TBB archives.

10328 Bouquet of Roses added to LEGO’s Botanical Collection [News]

Ever wanted to display some LEGO roses, but thought that 40460 Roses was just a bit small? If so, good news! LEGO has today unveiled the latest addition to the Botanical Collection in the Icons theme: 10328 Bouquet of Roses. The set features a dozen roses of varying sizes and the accompanying baby’s breath, made up from 822 pieces. Starting on January 1st, 2024, this staple romantic gift in brick form will retain for US $59.99 | CAN $79.99 | UK £54.99.

More photos and the press release are here!

LEGO offers a trio of highly-anticipated sets to kick off December [News]

Amid all the Black Friday hoopla, the beginning of December nearly managed to sneak away into obscurity in the shadow of Avenger’s Tower. And yet, we have a set of new adult-themed sets hitting store shelves today: LEGO Ideas 21344 The Orient Express Train, LEGO Icons 10326 Natural History Museum, and LEGO Icons 10329 Tiny Plants. And while all the Black Friday and Insiders Weekend deals/GWPs have now dried up, a pair of new GWPs we recently reviewed are now available on the site: US | CAN | UK.

Take a look at the December releases below!

LEGO kicks off Black Friday with release of 76269 Avengers Tower [News]

Timing the launch with Black Friday, LEGO has released 76269 Avengers Tower for purchase through their website. As we previously covered, the set is nearly 3 feet tall (90 cm) and clocks in at 5,201 pieces. Plus, with a count of 31, this is the most minifigures included in a single set ever. If you’re considering picking up this new addition to the Marvel stable and are a LEGO insider, you can also get the 5008076 LEGO® MARVEL TAXI gift-with-purchase if you pick up the Tower between now and November 27th. But if Marvel isn’t your thing, there are still other deals and GWPs available on Black Friday that have carried over from LEGO Insiders Weekend.

Check out the Tower and new GWP below!

LEGO Insiders Weekend 2023 offers two days of sets and deals [News]

The holiday shopping season is kicking into high gear this weekend, and LEGO has planned two days full of sales and special offers on its website for those that participate in the Insiders program. Several sets like LEGO Icons 10315 Tranquil Garden, LEGO Batman 76252 Batcave Shadowbox, and LEGO Icons 10323 PAC-MAN Arcade are offering 3x Insiders points with purchase. And a handful of others are even going for 4x Insiders points, like LEGO Technic 42130 BMW M 1000 RR. But if none of those sets are on your list, the entire site has 2x points for the whole weekend.

For those packing their digital shopping carts full of sets, there are a pair of gifts-with-purchase that are available: LEGO Creator 40602 Winter Market Stall for orders of US $170 | CAN $220 | UK £150 or more, and 40595 Majisto’s Magical Workshop for orders greater than US $250 | CAN $330 | UK £220.

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LEGO Ideas 21344 Orient Express revealed [News]

LEGO Ideas switches to a new track with the reveal of 21344 Orient Express. The Orient Express is a classic train that is a part of popular culture, most prominently in Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express novel and its movie adaptations. The Orient Express first ran in 1883, and though the original incarnation ceased operation in 1977, you can still ride the Venice-Simplon Orient Express in very similar coaches today. The set rumbles in with a 4-6-0 steam locomotive, a 3-axle tender, a restaurant car, and a sleeping car with two classes of accommodations. Built from 2,540 pieces and including 8 minifigures, it will be available from LEGO.com and LEGO stores worldwide starting December 1st for US $299.99 | CAN $TBD | UK £259.99

Click here to see more of The Orient Express

Classic LEGO set Majisto’s Magical Workshop re-imagined as Gift with Purchase 40601 [News]

Not content with releasing nostalgia-laden sets, LEGO has also been re-visiting some smaller classics as Gifts with Purchase. If you picked up 40567 Forest Hideout, the latest offering is sure to be worth a look as well. 40601 Majisto’s Magical Workshop is an update of the 1993 set of the same name. Composed of 365 pieces, also included are the titular wizard Majisto, alongside a female Dragon Knight. At the time of writing there is no information on how much you’ll need to spend to get your hands on it, or how long it will be available for. That said, LEGO Insiders weekend is coming at the end of this week, so there’s a good chance it will be available then.

Click here to see more pictures of this re-imagined classic

New LEGO set for November 2023 now available for purchase [News]

Here we find ourselves at the top of another month, on the precipice of new releases on LEGO.com. And while November may not have as many offerings as we got in October, there are a pair of gifts-with-purchase available right now to help sweeten the deal. Access to one of the GWPs requires you to be a member of the LEGO Insider program if you haven’t joined yet.

Check out all the new sets below

10326 LEGO Icons Natural History Museum revealed as the next modular building set [News]

After 18 previous installments, the next LEGO modular building has been debuted online. And with 12 more pieces than 10255 Assembly Square, 10326 LEGO Icons Natural History Museum will be the largest modular building to date. The set includes 7 minifigures (not counting two statues), an adorable pug, and an array of museum displays including a solar system model and removable brachiosaurus skeleton. Clocking in at 12″ (31 cm) tall, 14.5″ (38 cm) wide, and 9.5″ (25 cm) deep, the museum fits right in with other modulars like LEGO Icons 10312 Jazz Club and LEGO Modular Buildings Collection 10297 Boutique Hotel. Available for pre-order today, 10326 LEGO Icons Natural History Museum will be available from LEGO.com on December 1, and will retail for US $299.99 | CAN $389.99 | UK £259.99

Explore the museum below!

LEGO reveals LEGO Botanical Collection 10329 Tiny Plants [News]

LEGO today revealed an addition to the popular Botanical Collection sets, LEGO Icons 10329 Tiny Plants. This set contains an assortment of nine small potted plants, from succulents and cacti to what looks like a small jade plant and maybe an African Violet. Each plant has a dark orange “terracotta” pot; there are three sizes of pot with three plants for each size, offering lots of variety to pick and choose what you display. This bundle of tiny cuteness includes 758 pieces, will launch on December 1st, and is already available for preorder from the LEGO Shop online at US $49.99 | CAN $69.99 | UK £44.99.

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LEGO makes a 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei with their latest GWP offering

Debuting today on the Australian LEGO website, we can now see a new gift-with-purchase available to shoppers. The winner of the Ready, Set, Go STEM! contest on LEGO Ideas, 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei celebrates the accomplishments of a renowned polymath and the father of observational astronomy. This build marks another addition to the string of sets celebrating famous individuals, including Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall. Consisting of 307 pieces, 40595 Tribute to Galileo Galilei will be available from November 1st through November 16th as long as supplies last, from LEGO.com and LEGO stores with a minimum qualifying purchase of US $130 | CAN $TBD | UK £130

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