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LEGO reveals Brick Sketches product line featuring brick-built portraits [News]

LEGO has revealed a brand new product line called Brick Sketches featuring brick-built portraits of popular characters. The first four sets revealed include BB-8, a First Order Stormtrooper, Batman and The Joker. The Brick Sketches sets will be available July 15, and will retail for US $19.99 | EU €19.99.

Initially shared by our friends at Brickset, the 2D portraits are similar in packaging to the BrickHeadz product line and will likely become a new collectible series. Brick Sketches are no doubt the work of recently-hired LEGO designer Chris McVeigh who created the Brick Sketch concept several years ago (and has been featured on TBB many times).

Take a closer look at the new LEGO Brick Sketches sets.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Brick Man

We’re big fans of Chris McVeigh (powerpig on Flickr) here at The Brothers Brick, and we’ve been enjoying his brick sketches for a couple of years. But Chris hadn’t tackled a self-portrait until now. Chris’s signature mustache and resplendent beard come through wonderfully with just a few plates and tiles.

Portrait of the Artist