LEGO reveals Brick Sketches product line featuring brick-built portraits [News]

LEGO has revealed a brand new product line called Brick Sketches featuring brick-built portraits of popular characters. The first four sets revealed include BB-8, a First Order Stormtrooper, Batman and The Joker. The Brick Sketches sets will be available July 15, and will retail for US $19.99 | EU €19.99.

Initially shared by our friends at Brickset, the 2D portraits are similar in packaging to the BrickHeadz product line and will likely become a new collectible series. Brick Sketches are no doubt the work of recently-hired LEGO designer Chris McVeigh who created the Brick Sketch concept several years ago (and has been featured on TBB many times).

According to Brickset, the instructions include this quote from Chris:

“Brick Sketches became far more popular than I ever expected. Fans loved suggesting new characters and often asked me to create instructions so that they could build their favourites. It was difficult to set aside the concept when I started working at the LEGO Group, but through an amazing series of events, Brick Sketches are now available from the LEGO Group itself. It’s a dream come true.”

40386 Batman

40428 The Joker

40431 BB-8

40391 First Order Storm Trooper

What do you think of the new Brick Sketches product line? Which characters would you most like to see available as a Brick Sketch? Leave your comments below.

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6 comments on “LEGO reveals Brick Sketches product line featuring brick-built portraits [News]

  1. Nick

    This is so cool to see, being a fan of Chris McVeigh and seeing him make these throughout the years. I was just thinking the other day, I wonder when we’ll see some of his influence in an official LEGO product. I hope he does one of those LEGO Designer YouTube videos.

  2. chiprhoters

    ^Agreed, I was about to say they totally jacked the idea from him until I read that he was behind it haha.

    Are the pieces for the ears on Batman’s cowl a new wedge plate?

  3. Jimmy

    Looks like around 100 pieces each? I wonder if these will be polybags or some other sort of packaging that hangs on pegs, not boxed. It seems like Lego is trying to get a few more things into that price range and product type like you’d see near cash registers or hanging in store aisles other than just in the toy aisles.

    In a way this is like Brickheadz lite, with the big star wars helmets being a tier above. I’m curious if any of these will be non-licensed or if there will be a build-your-own sort of generic set.

  4. Jimmy

    @chiprhoters it looks like Bricklink item # 65429 and 65426 new for 2020 and appears in 4 sets.

  5. bricktales

    I didn’t know Chris had started working at LEGO, so when I saw pictures of these new sets I was mad, thinking LEGO had stolen his idea.

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