LEGO Creator Summer 2020 wave features a pirate ship, space rover and camper van [News]

LEGO’s Summer 2020 wave of sets is starting to take shape with new product reveals on their way. First up, we are getting a look at the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 sets that feature a huge pirate ship with brick-built sails (following even more pirates from Barracuda Bay), a lunar explorer and a family camper van.

The sets were revealed by Portuguese retailer JB Net, and though we do not know their exact release date, they should start becoming available starting aroundJune. Pricing and piece counts remain unknown at this time, though we will update this article when more information becomes available.

LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Ship

LEGO Creator 31108 Family Camper Van

LEGO Creator 31107 Space Rover

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11 comments on “LEGO Creator Summer 2020 wave features a pirate ship, space rover and camper van [News]

  1. Merlo

    It’s definitely not you, I’ve been looking at these and thinking how this reminds me of the Lego I used to love – where designs are so good you’d like to have it regardless of theme.

    The camper seems a bit too expensive though.

  2. winstonheard

    Really liking that space rover. I’d like to see how the suspension works. I’m tempted to get multiple copies

  3. Lego GM

    Hopefully we see something like this every year or two. It would be a good compromise for classic pirates and space to be kept alive as occasional Creator sets even though the market won’t support a full line.

    Although, I’m starting to think of the Creator sets as real Lego, and everything else as a marketing gimmick to get little kids hooked.

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