LEGO Metroid: My past is not a memory, it’s a force at my back

Samus Aran is one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters through a decades-long successful series of Metroid platformers and first-person shooters. Thanks to Spanish builder L-Di-Ego, the famed female bounty hunter’s personal spacecraft has made the jump to digital LEGO and has never looked better.

METROID: Samus Aran's Gunship

I’m so impressed with how loaded the ship is–this thing is absolutely packed with play features. The ship is ready to take on the dreaded Space Pirates with firing projectiles, adjustable engine intakes, a removable canopy allowing access to the spacious cockpit plus room for the Metroid containment pod, and my favorite, a functioning loading lift for the Samus Aran minifigure.

METROID: Samus Aran's Gunship

If you’re feeling nostalgic we’ve shared a couple of excellent takes on Samus in the past from builders like Eero Okkenen and Logey Bear.

2 comments on “LEGO Metroid: My past is not a memory, it’s a force at my back

  1. Gilberto A. Saldana Jr.

    If I could buy t and make it myself I would! I’ve loved the original game on the NES, I fell in love with the Prime series and this would be a never-before-dreamed come true. As a LEGO fan, why didn’t I think of this myself? More importantly, where can I get one?

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