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The LEGO Ambassadors program is a community engagement program run by the LEGO Group to solicit input from the adult LEGO fan community. The LEGO Group also occasionally provides information back to the community through LEGO Ambassadors who represent various LEGO Users Groups (LUGs) and online communities like The Brothers Brick.

LEGO Designers want our input on future play themes

FINAL UPDATE: Thanks for all the suggestions, readers! We’ve passed on your ideas to LEGO. Look for other opportunities to submit ideas to The LEGO Group through The Brothers Brick’s LEGO Ambassadors in the future.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: LEGO tells us that they didn’t intend for this discussion to take place in public, since that enables their competitors to watch the discussion and steal all your great ideas! So, we’re locking comments, removing the ones posted so far (85!) and asking all of you to use the Contact Form at the end of this post to submit your comments instead.

You don’t need to re-submit your suggestions if you had already left them as a comment; we’ve saved all the comments so far.


LEGO Designers have asked the LEGO Ambassadors to help brainstorm ideas on future play themes. Here is the original message:

My name is Phil McCormick; I am a Senior Designer at the LEGO Group working within a small concept group specializing in new theme generation.

We are looking for new LEGO set opportunities within the Play Themes line-up. Play Themes are sets involving characters and stories, where the minifigure always plays a key role. The big theme this year is Power Miners. Some sets from the past include: Agents, Aqua Raiders, Exoforce, and Mars Mission. Usually the stories are conflict-based (good vs. bad) and revolve around treasures or missions. The stories that accompany Play Theme sets help spark the imaginations of our target group: boys aged 7-9.

Currently we are in an “insight phase,” gathering inspiration for the next big Play Themes opportunity and we would really like your input. We hope to involve you as much as possible for the next few months as we take in the ideas. Please submit ideas for themes as detailed below. Limit your words to a few sentences; we encourage you to submit pictures, drawings, MOCs, to accompany each story. Feel free to involve your greater fan community at this point–the more ideas the better.

Things we do look for:
-Simple, well understood themes (Usually, placing a “twist” on a known universe works well).
-Unique Model expression, or play experience to accompany the set.

Things we do not look for:
-Castle, or IP (Star Wars/ Indiana Jones/ Sponge Bob/ etc…). They each have devoted project teams which are separate from us.

The deadline for submissions is Jan 12, 2009; but we do encourage you to post earlier. Thanks and we look forward to your input!

Create a new, never-before-seen, LEGO Play Theme! (Place words and images under the following categories)

Theme Name (something short and catchy):

Characters (who is good and bad guys?):

Conflict (why do they fight, and what do they fight over?):

Setting (where does the story take place?):

Background Info (if relevant):

Please use the Contact Form below to submit your suggestions, using the format requested above:

Before you click Submit!

  • We won’t be able to pass on your suggestions if they don’t follow the format described above.
  • LEGO cannot use suggestions based on IP (intellectual property) owned by other companies, such as Halo, Lord of the Rings, or Pirates of the Caribbean.

7979 Castle Advent Calendar available in US, Canada on Sept 26 at noon [News]

UPDATE (9/26/08): You can order your copy of the set by following the directions in How to get your 7979 Castle Advent Calendar, currently at the top of the front page.

A couple weeks ago we found out that 7979 Castle Advent Calendar would likely not be available in some of the markets where LEGO is normally available, including the US and Canada.

Today, I’m pleased to report that a very limited number of this set will be made available starting Friday, September 26 at noon Eastern Daylight Time (9:00 AM Pacific).

The set will not be made available to the general public through the LEGO Shop online, so you’ll need a special code from us. With that code, you’ll be able to call the LEGO Shop at Home service, give them the code, and order up to two (2) sets per household.

Note: If for some reason Brothers-Brick.com isn’t available for you around noon EDT tomorrow, the code will also be made available through the LEGO Ambassadors representing the various LEGO fan communities, including Classic-Castle.com.

This is great news for the LEGO fan community here in North America, and demonstrates the power of coming together behind a common cause and the persistence of our advocates on the LEGO Community Team.

Please check back again tomorrow at noon Eastern (9:00 AM Pacific) for the code you’ll need when calling LEGO Shop at Home.

Why the US has the lowest LEGO prices

I’m sure many LEGO fans across the world have wondered why the US has the lowest LEGO prices while countries in Europe and Asia have significantly higher prices, oftentimes twice that of the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for a LEGO set in the US. There are even countries where LEGO costs up to three or four times the prices in the US. Here is the answer from Mads Nipper of LEGO’s Corporate Management.

Our selling costs in Europe and Asia are higher than in the US because of the size of US market and retailers (economies of scale). Furthermore, the US market is by far the most price competitive in the world. These factors combined mean that we have for years priced our products higher in eg Europe than the US. In recent years, the difference has been increased due to the weakening US dollar – but we have consciously decided not to let this (hopefully short term) weakening of the dollar hurt the US consumer. And in order to stay profitable as a company, we cannot decrease our European prices – especially seen in the light of increasing cost pressure on oil, labor etc. Finally, final pricing in the market place is obviously determined by retailers, which is something we cannot and will not influence.

Wait. Who exactly let Keith in?

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Keith Goldman has joined The Brothers Brick as our resident Columnist.

Keith is one of those LEGO fans of near-mythical proportions. Having met Keith in person, I can report that he stands nine feet four inches tall (that’s twelve meters for you Canadians), and is able to levitate his entire LEGO collection with his mind. Despite his telekinetic abilities, Keith has four arms (six metric). To fit in better with mere mortals, Keith is able to change size and shape at will.

Here’s a photo of Keith (center) with his coterie of adherents, better known as KeithLUG — yes, the man has his own LEGO Users Group:

Keith is perhaps best known for his bloated dioramas, including The Omicron Weekend, built with one third of all LEGO bricks in the Western Hemisphere by a division from the US Army Corp of Engineers over the course of a six month period. Naturally, Keith directed the troops remotely with his mind.

Keith is also a LEGO Ambassador from 2008 until whenever he feels like it, bringing order to the LEGOverse (and MOCPages in particular).

As a Columnist for The Brothers Brick, Keith will apply his “oratorical tradition of uninhibited or unbridled commentary” to semi-regular editorials on LEGO-related topics. Hey may also deign to grace us with his own creations from time to time.

Without further ado, please welcome Keith Goldman to The Brothers Brick!

LEGO wants your ideas for LEGO City 2010 [News]

Although the set designs for LEGO City 2009 have already been finalized, The LEGO Group would like to get your input on what you’d like to see in 2010 and beyond. This is your chance to influence the future direction of the LEGO City product line!

So, in the comments on this post, use the format I’ve included below to give LEGO your suggestions.

Guidelines and legal stuff:

  • All submissions must fit into this format — please, no rants or rambles! ;-)
  • Submit your suggestions by July 28th.
  • Target age range of 5-10 years old.
  • Link to one inspiration picture for your overall submission, whether a LEGO creation (yours or otherwise) or something from real life. (Optional.)
  • All rights related to any suggestion or submission made by you through your comments are hereby assigned to The LEGO Group, who shall be entitled to exploit the suggestions and submissions in any way The LEGO Group may want now and in the future.
  • What themes would you like to see the City Design team work on? What are the essential models for that theme?

    Name of the theme: [          ]

    Short description of the theme:


    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):


    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):


    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):


    Nannan, Tim, or I will send LEGO your suggestions between July 28 and August 4.

LEGO Ambassador Vignettes

Over at the LEGO Ambassador Forum, we current Ambassadors were asked to build “a standard 8×8 vignette that represents [us] and [our] interests within the world of LEGO building and community.” Many of us came up with creative and interesting pieces; here are a few of some of the most recent ones:

(Below left) Yiu Keung from Hong Kong displays his miniature Green Grocer in the palm of a brick-built hand.

(Above right) Peer Kreuger from the Netherlands makes a working mini planetarium model. Check out the amazing animated image!

(Below left) Tim Gould from Australia portrays himself as the man behind the screen, sharing ideas through the internet.

(Above right) Mike Crowley from the US represents himself as a LEGO creation, having people “build” him to be the Ambassador they want to see.

(Below left) Danila Martyakhin from Russia creates a vignette called Equilibrium, featuring the ultra-posable biotic robot.

(Above right) I present my work called Just Add Imagination that uses spray-painted pieces and fishing lines to create the floating bricks effect.

(Below left) Andrew adds his belated vignette to Nannan’s post with many hats that represent many communities:

(Above right) Dan Rubin serves as a liaison and “noise filter” between the LEGO fan community and The LEGO Company.

Again, these are just a few of some of the amazing vignettes that the Ambassadors have made. You can see some more over at Klocki.

LEGO Collector’s Guide to be published in August 2008 [News]

Here’s some interesting news from Billund:

LEGO® Collector`s Guide Publishing date: 26.06.08 / LEGO Collector – Premium Edition beginning of August 2008

We are happy to announce that the LEGO Collector’s Guide is about to be launched by Fantasia Verlag GmbH. The confirmed launch date will be the 26.06.08. This bilingual (English/German) catalogue is for the fan and collector alike. It is a high quality product full of details. It comprises around 800 pages presenting nearly all sets produced by the LEGO Group since 1958.

Further, there will be a LEGO Collector – Premium Edition which will be very limited to 3.333 continuously numbered copies. The Premium Edition will be published at the beginning of August 2008 for a price of 39,90€. This high quality catalogue has a hardcover and is presented in a very decorative packaging with exclusive LEGO gimmicks.

LEGO Ambassadors announced for 2008-2009 [News]

LEGO Community Team member Steve Witt has just announced the LEGO Ambassadors for the 2008-2009 cycle.

Read the full announcement here (and note the bolded names):

We’re excited to announce the new group of LEGO Ambassadors who will be representing the AFOL Community to the LEGO Group. We had nearly 100 nominations and the choices were hard. We settled on the following forty participants for this year’s cycle. Please congratulate the following new LEGO Ambassadors.

John Langrish, Canada – VicLUG
Milcan Bikics, Hungary – MALUG
Didier Enjary, France – Railbricks, FreeLUG
Patrick Begin, Canada – QueLUG
Verena Schaden, Austria – LGOe
Svend Erik Saksun, Denmark – Byggepladen
David Eaton, USA – NELUG
Mike Crowley, USA – FBTB, NELUG
Tsang Yiu Keung, China – HKLUG
Stephan Sander, Germany – 1000steine
Lluis Gibert, Spain – HispaLUG
Tim Gould, Australia – Ldraw, LUGNET, The Brothers Brick
Matjaz Selic, Slovenia – Kocke Klub
Marcin Danielak, Poland – LUGPol, e-Klocki.com, KMFL
Paul Wolters, the Netherlands – De Bouwsteen
Tony Sava, USA – Classic-Castle, TexLUG
Peer Kreuger, the Netherlands – LowLUG
Dan Rubin, USA – Classic-Space
Jean-Marc Nimal, Belgium – BeLUG
Doug Eaton, USA – ParLUGment
Fradel Gonzales, USA – MechaHub
Jordan Schwarz, USA – TN Valley LTC
Danila Martyakhin, Russia – DoubleBrick.ru
Magnus Lauglo, USA – WAMALUG
Steve Barile, USA – GPLR, ILTCO, BrickFest
Aaron Andrews, Australia – Classic-Castle, The Builders Lounge, MOCPages, Flickr
Nannan Zhang, USA – BrickLink, The Builders Lounge, MOCpages, The Brothers Brick
Sue Ann Barber, Australia – Melbourne LUG (MUG)
Ildefonso Zanette, Brazil – LUG Brazil
Tania Baixinho, Portugal – Comunidade 0937
Alistair Disley, UK – the Brickish Association
Fernando Correia, Portugal – PLUG
Matija Puzar, Norway – Brikkelauget
Mickael Sjöstedt, Sweden – Eurobricks
Marco Chiappa, Italy – ItLUG
Andrew Becraft, USA – The Brothers Brick, Flickr, Classic-Castle
Adrian Florea, Romania – FBTB
Keith Goldman, USA – MOCPages
Andrew Bulthaupt, USA – BZPower

Congratulations to all of the new and returning LEGO Ambassadors!

Hiccup in LEGO Ambassadors selection process [News]

Those of you who submitted your nominees to LEGO for the upcoming cycle of the LEGO Ambassadors program may have received the following e-mail in the last 24 hours:

Dear e-mailer, we have a current active Ambassador cycle 08/09 so you sent a mail outside the nominations time frame.

Please be aware that we are not accepting any nominations now and that nobody is reading the sent e-mail.

Do not panic! LEGO was moving our e-mail messages between folders and accidentally triggered this auto-response. If you submitted your nominations on time, rest assured they were received and you don’t need to worry.

Incidentally, LEGO received more than 100 nominations from 52 communities in 22 countries, so the selection process has been a pretty big task. However, the new LEGO Ambassadors should be announced this week.

Nominations submitted for LEGO Ambassadors [News]

The submission deadline for LEGO Ambassadors was 4:00 PM PDT today. Thanks to everybody who suggested nominees, voted, and contributed testimonials, we had everything in place and I hit Send on the e-mail to LEGO with over 15 minutes to spare! :-D

538 people voted, and here are the results:

  • Andrew Becraft: 323 votes
  • Nannan Zhang: 273 votes
  • Adrian Florea: 171 votes
  • Tim Gould: 152 votes
  • Nathan Proudlove: 101 votes
  • Ley Ward: 81 votes

Although Adrian had the votes to be the third nominee, we didn’t get enough testimonials for him. That means the next person with the necessary number of testimonials (three) became the third nominee. The final list of nominees is:

  • Andrew Becraft
  • Nannan Zhang
  • Tim Gould

With the votes and testimonials in place, we put together the submission package earlier today and I sent it off to LEGO.

We’ve learned a lot from this process, and if LEGO uses the same process next year, we’ll probably do things a bit differently — like not waiting until the last day to put together the submission! If you have any feedback on how we went about this, please feel free to post a comment here or use the Contact page to send us a private message.

Speaking personally now that the nomination process is over, I’m humbled by all the votes cast in my favor, and touched by all the kind words readers posted as testimonials. If selected by LEGO as an Ambassador for the 2008-2009 cycle, I’ll do my very best to represent all of you out there.

Wish us luck! :-)

(For those of you who are also on Flickr, I submitted those nominations as well. Read more in the discussion thread there.)

Reminder: Testimonials needed for LEGO Ambassador nominees

As the LEGO Ambassadors nomination process winds down between now and Saturday night, one of the last steps in the process is to collect at least three testimonials from fellow community members about each nominee.

In online LEGO communities all over the ‘net, meeting this requirement is proving harder than anticipated. We all made our voices heard with our suggestions and votes, but with less than 48 hours to go, it’s time to take that next step and say something nice about your potential LEGO Ambassadors. :-)

Flickr | Nominees:

  • Aaron “DARKspawn” Andrews
  • Andrew “Dunechaser” Becraft
  • Nannan “Nannan Z” Zhang

Builders Lounge (requires membership) | Nominees:

  • Aaron Andrews
  • Don Wilson
  • Nannan Zhang

The Brothers Brick | Nominees (links go to bio posts, where you can post your testimonials):

Classic-Castle.com | Nominees:

  • Aaron Andrews
  • Andrew Becraft
  • Anthony Sava

Classic-Pirates.com | Nominee discussion taking place concurrently with testimonials.

Classic-Space.com | Nominees:

  • Aaron Sneary
  • Ley Ward

Eurobricks | Nominees (voting still ongoing):

  • Steve “Athos” Bishop
  • “Captain Green Hair”
  • “Jinzoningen”
  • Mark “Hinckley” Larson
  • Sam89
  • “Sinner”

FBTB Forums | Nominees:

  • Adrian Florea
  • Mike Crowley
  • Nannan Zhang

LUGNET Nominees:

  • Doug Eaton
  • Teddy Welsh
  • Tim Gould


  • Keith Goldman
  • Nannan Zhang
  • Aaron Andrews

I’m off to follow my own advice and write a bunch of testimonials now. ;-)