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Golden Samurai

I think it’s high-time we offered another custom minifigure. NickGreat previously offered some gorgeous customs a few years back, and has posted the newest edition–his Golden Samurai.

via Classic-Castle


Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) builds one big bad mean looking samurai.


He says it is because every good guy needs a worthy opponent from time to time…well those weren’t his exact words.

The world has changed, Sensei

There tends to be some comfort in a glimmer of color, a bit of hope in a dark place. Seb Arts has illustrated that beautifully in his recent creation:

I really don’t think words do much justice for this piece, so I will let the photos stand for themselves. You can see more over on MOCpages.

A Ronin’s Duty

It’s rare to see a LEGO torii that has the correct proportions, but this one by Shannon Young looks like it would be perfect on a mountain path leading up to a Shinto shrine. It’s also quite nice in this LEGO scene featuring a ronin taking a final journey.

LEGO samurai diorama

When you leave the house determined not to see it again, you will come home safely

Stefan Käsmayer (-2×4-) captures the essence of a samurai house, complete with a well-tended garden and secure wall. I’m especially impressed with details like the slatted windows and stone base of the wall.


Here you shall find your inner peace

Sam W. (-infomaniac-) presents the Temple of the Tan Tiger complete with an interior, a backstory and his thoughts. It’s also a surprise to see a sci-fi builder build castle. Even among castle builders, it is rare to find a Japanese castle of this size and quality.

The Quest for Wisdom

Infomaniac has been working on a series which depicts a lone seeker on his quest for answers. I have to say that my favorite, so far, is this one. It is a striking build with a very clean presentation. Excellent!

Clear your mind

Hans Dendauw (tigmon74) captures the art of meditation in this well crafted vignette featuring the Ninjago minifigs.

Thanks for the tip Chris Phipson!

NinjaGo, LEGO Star Wars, and most 2011 LEGO sets now available [News]

Though this is for US & Canada only at the moment, nearly all of the first quarter 2011 LEGO sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online. As if that’s not enough of a temptation, you can still order in time for Christmas.

We here at The Brothers Brick are irrationally excited about what looks to be the silliest — and most awesome — of the 2011 themes. Fraukinder and mannkinder, I give you NinjaGo!


The premise appears to be that several brightly colored ninjas take on an army of undead in single combat using a technique called “spinjutsu”.


Seriously, how awesome is that? And don’t miss the ear-worm that is the NinjaGo theme song.

The 2011 LEGO City police sets feature a new dog, backpack, and crowbar.


And of course, the 2011 LEGO Star Wars sets are also now available — not least of which the ever-popular battle packs.

iconicon iconicon

Though I have yet to see a single episode of The Clone Wars, I’m intrigued by this non-gray Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship:


Finally, 10217 Diagon Alley will be shipping on January 1st, and is currently available for pre-order:


Ghost Dog

Fradel Gonzales (Slice151) pays tribute to RoninLUG and his new job with these two traditional Japanese warriors.

A Warrior Born

I admit…I don’t look at a lot of custom minifigures. But there are, on occasion, those that give me pause. This is one of them:

Created by geoshift, the detail work is impressive and the paint itself is very clean. It’s stunning. Of course, looking at the rest of the photostream, I realize I’ve clearly been missing out. Take a look. You won’t regret it.

Tea and serenity.

I may not be a tea-person (Hey. I’m from Seattle. Coffee all the way.), but I must say, Aaron’s Tea House is just far too inviting. I’m aware there’s some tension outside the building, but I just keep going back to the architecture. Lovely!

I’d say this would look fetching in the BrickCon Big in Japan display, yes?