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Tea and serenity.

I may not be a tea-person (Hey. I’m from Seattle. Coffee all the way.), but I must say, Aaron’s Tea House is just far too inviting. I’m aware there’s some tension outside the building, but I just keep going back to the architecture. Lovely!

I’d say this would look fetching in the BrickCon Big in Japan display, yes?

One man LEGO ninja weapon museum

Aaron Dayman (Aaron :-)) has raised the stakes in the classic-castle medieval weapon challenge with this entry. Aaron’s arsenal of of ninja weapons includes nunchaku, shuriken, caltrops, tekagi, fukiya and smoke bombs.

LEGO Aaron ninja weapons

I’m really looking forward to seeing these in the Big in Japan display at BrickCon 2010. Maybe we should put together an entire brick built weapon museum?


This samurai is astounding. The plethora of unusual pieces meshes perfectly together. Genius, I say. Pure Genius. You can color me a fan of the builder. His name is Cameron, by the way.

Lego Samurai Japan

And, yes, this is the type of thing we would love to see in the Big In Japan layout at BrickCon this year.

Thanks to Bruce for pointing this out to me.

Mark Kelso is kung fu fighting

And his kicks will split you in half. Mark Kelso (Amhakia) made this vignette using lots of brilliant techniques and 100% unmodified Lego parts. Did you know that stickers can be used to connect pieces? Find out how he used them and more in the descriptions!

The General in his Pavilion

Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine) applies his skills to medieval Japan with his latest creation, “The General is summoned to war”.

LEGO samurai general's pavilion

The stone wall has a great texture, and the green roof isn’t something you see that often in LEGO samurai/ninja creations (though they certainly exist in real life). My favorite detail is the fountain.

Samurai mecha slices off heads with honor

The latest creation from Moko is dressed in samurai mecha armor and wields twin energy katanas. That’s enough to spell awesome, but there are some worthwhile details to note such as the use of tiered tiles and cheese slopes to imitate the jagged samurai armor. And as with pictures involving chrome radar dishes, you get a bonus image of the photographer.

The Last Samurai

I built this diorama with Donut, whom you may remember from our April Fools mock interview. Donut is actually a real person who’s indeed active online at Classic Castle and Eurobricks forums. I hope you enjoy our little project called The Last Samurai.

You can read the poem associated with the creation here.

Biscuit made me blog this

From beetles to snails, we’ve enjoyed the encounters that Geppelin‘s minifigs have had with animals over the years, but none are cuter than this kitten meeting a ninja.

LEGO ninja with kitten

Thanks for the link, little bro! Hope I didn’t make Tsunami too jealous.

Moko’s ninja mecha achieves spiritual balance before killing you

LEGO ninja mecha

Moko‘s latest mecha combines two things that we all know are awesome: ninjas and robots. Black and silver with gold accents, the ninja mecha can seat a minifig — a masked mystery man whose identity remains unknown.

April Fools: I like cars.

My CarSo much so, in fact, that I recently built one. It’s been so popular, that I’ve decided not to build anything but cars anymore. Since I’m still admin on classic-space.com, I’m going to convert the forums to be all about LEGO car creations. There will be emphasis on classic cars, and on trunk space. I’m also now only going to blog car creations, and only if they aren’t as good as mine. I’ll probably have to sell all of my space minifigs on BrickLink, so that I can buy more wheels.

TT Games announces LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS, due Summer 2009 [News]

TT Games‘ publisher Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment just announced LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS. The game is due out this summer, and will apparently emphasize building in original themes over the movie-based and comic-inspired adventures of games like LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman.

Check out this graphic of LEGO Pirates in action:

The game will also feature LEGO Castle:

Though the press release didn’t include an image, the game will also allow players to build Space creations.

Here’s a bit more:

LEGO® Battles offers a new kind of “build and battle” LEGO gameplay. Through six distinct story lines, players build their own LEGO bases and battle teams as they engage in over 70 different levels, mixing and matching units to create the ultimate customized LEGO squad. These unique LEGO battles teams see pirate swordsmen fighting side-by-side with wizards and aliens; dragons battling ninjas; and pirate ships launching broadsides against spacecraft and knights! Players can also challenge friends on the battlefield in multiplayer mode through wireless DS multi-card play.

And in case you missed it farther down the page, TT Games is hiring!

Shinto Shrine

Kevin Fedde uploaded a cute, little Shinto shrine today. I really like the overgrown look he has going on here.