A Warrior Born

I admit…I don’t look at a lot of custom minifigures. But there are, on occasion, those that give me pause. This is one of them:

Created by geoshift, the detail work is impressive and the paint itself is very clean. It’s stunning. Of course, looking at the rest of the photostream, I realize I’ve clearly been missing out. Take a look. You won’t regret it.

7 comments on “A Warrior Born

  1. Catsy

    Indeed. This is gorgeous, and a lot of the other work in that photostream is as well. I see Brickarms and Hazel custom pieces, as well as some stuff I don’t recognize that may well be his own work.

    It may be a bit self-serving, given my own recent forays into the genre, but I’d love to see TBB give a little more love to the customizing community. There’s some talent there that just blows me away.

  2. Catsy

    ^ Wow, the stuff in that store is incredible. Once I have cashflow again I can see I’ll be ordering there.

  3. JasBrick

    This was a surprise… seeing a custom fig on TBB! It has happened before but it is only slightly less rare than Hens teeth.

    Good choice of example as well. There are some very good 3rd party accessory providers out there and one of Geoshifts strengths has always been to show them off well. Congratulations to Geoshift and thanks to Caylin for spotting this.

  4. Chef

    I agree with the everyone here~ It is a rare sight to behold when a Custom Minifigure is blogged on The Brothers Brick! I love this fig. The combination of pieces is elegant, yet simple. Beautiful work here!! Good job Geoshift :]


  5. Geoshift

    Thanks for the encouragement and positive comments everyone. JasBrick, I appreciate your feedback buddy – your Flickr photostream is a constant favorite of mine.

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