Kowe’on Sanctuary

Edit: Apparently the name is “No Ewok” backwards, which makes sense, because there is an Ewok in there. :)

The tree itself is a knockout, but the action and whimsy that surrounds it makes this creation something special. I Scream Clone has it going on.

Lego Forestmen Treehouse Kowe'on Sanctuary

Mister Clone was nice enough to humor me when I asked for a new overall shot. Thank you!

4 comments on “Kowe’on Sanctuary

  1. Josh Post author

    ^Well now, that’s embarassing. Especially since I’m an Admin there and that is where I first saw this. Oops!

  2. I Scream Clone

    ^Don’t feel too bad Josh. I am grateful for the extra exposure Kowe’on has recieved thanks to you and BB.

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