April Fools: I like cars.

My CarSo much so, in fact, that I recently built one. It’s been so popular, that I’ve decided not to build anything but cars anymore. Since I’m still admin on classic-space.com, I’m going to convert the forums to be all about LEGO car creations. There will be emphasis on classic cars, and on trunk space. I’m also now only going to blog car creations, and only if they aren’t as good as mine. I’ll probably have to sell all of my space minifigs on BrickLink, so that I can buy more wheels.

4 comments on “April Fools: I like cars.

  1. sparesoul

    I used to like cars, but one day my Cornelius Cat Fabuland minfig was run down by a Power Miner on his way to work. I have since boycotted cars and mining equipment and now all citizens of Bellerose Brickville use Vickvipers and Segways.

  2. Felix

    I think this is a good move for you and classic space. I LOVE cars. I often find myself looking at my collection thinking “I could build so many more cars if I had just more WHEELS!” I never seem to have enough wheels.

  3. Shmails

    Why must everyone on the web become a jokester today? Not everyone enjoys being made to feel the fool. Enjoy your day!

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