April Fools: FBTB is now From Bombs to Boulders

Recent administrative decisions at FBTB, formerly known as From Bricks to Bothans, has resulted in a complete makeover of the website and forum now dedicated to the coverage and discussion of the Power Miners theme. The staff of the site feels its previous focus on Star Wars resulted in continued decrease in membership and quality of the community and believe that the new change will regain some of the popularity lost over the years. Visit From Bombs to Boulders today to see the most up-to-date coverage on Power Miners!

19 comments on “April Fools: FBTB is now From Bombs to Boulders

  1. Shmails

    This is my problem with April Fool’s Day, I am too trusting in what I read, and at the same time jaded by dumb pranks on this day. I guess I will wait until tomorrow to see if it is true. If true, it is a shock, but intriguing.

    May I suggest that if it is true, in the future you wait a day to post it. If it is not, just another Fool showing up once a year.

  2. thebfg

    Is a shame, whole reason i got back into lego is because of star wars :(.

    Hope its just an april fools day joke – didnt even realise it was today!

  3. Will Thomas

    Assuming it isn’t a prank [and if it is, it’s quite an elaborate one], this is a smart move by the guys on FBTB. Star Wars is dead, or as it pertains to the older and more “mature” FOL community. And apparently this older community is who FBTB is trying to market towards. And in this particular instance [if this isn’t a joke], I agree with Shmails. However, this is just my small opinion, and I’m not going to try and control your action, Nannan. Good post.

  4. RichardAM

    I love the fact that there is so much uncertainty regarding this and inane confusion- evident in the replies here alone!

    Wow, honestly?

  5. Fred

    What really has me excited is the announcement that Lego will be merging with megabloks. this is wonderful!!

  6. DonSolo

    We just finally got to the point where we realized it was time to “grow up” and away from Star Wars, considering the main focus of the current line is kids (most sets are from the terrible, terrible Star Wars cartoon out right now).

    Power Miners is fresh and new, and so much more substantial than SW. If only I picked a less “themed” screen name. :-/

  7. sparesoul

    How could this possibly be a prank? Everyone knows that the power of the force is nothing compared to the awesome power of light green bricks. What is a lightsaber when held to dynamite?
    Stormtroopers have nothing to impress us with after the release of the rock monsters in all their green, red, blue, and golden glory!
    And besides, Star Wars gave us oversized wheels for thrusters, Power Miners gave us Giant impressive thrusters for Wheels!

  8. txtxtx

    Does anyone notice that the motto has changed to “Yanking part #208c01 since early April 2008!”?
    April 1st is probably the whole reason for this, but I await April 2nd for the truth!

  9. Sibley

    Like many AFOLs it was the Power Miners line that brought me out of my post-teenage dark ages. It’s surprising that there was not already a site dedicated to the theme; good move, FBTB.

  10. David4

    Either there are a lot of fools around here, or everyone is gonig with the obvious joke.

    However I must say I’m glad it’s not Fools’ Day 2008, this site was a mess with all the “jokes”. Looked like a spammer took over the website, glad to not see that this year.

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