Samurai mecha slices off heads with honor

The latest creation from Moko is dressed in samurai mecha armor and wields twin energy katanas. That’s enough to spell awesome, but there are some worthwhile details to note such as the use of tiered tiles and cheese slopes to imitate the jagged samurai armor. And as with pictures involving chrome radar dishes, you get a bonus image of the photographer.

1 comment on “Samurai mecha slices off heads with honor

  1. Daedalus

    I’m such a sucker for highly articulated minifig scale mechs. The whole head is terrific and the back loaded cockpit looks sleek as well. The only thing I don’t get is the bulgy crotch section, and I refuse to stoop to the junior high joke about the samurai robot, his wasabi nuts, and the bath house.

    Side note – can anyone explain to me why people use brick shelf over flickr? Is it an issue with file size/types or something? I personally find flickr so much easier to navigate, plus I enjoy reading through others’ comments, so I’m curious.

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