TT Games announces LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS, due Summer 2009 [News]

TT Games‘ publisher Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment just announced LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS. The game is due out this summer, and will apparently emphasize building in original themes over the movie-based and comic-inspired adventures of games like LEGO Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman.

Check out this graphic of LEGO Pirates in action:

The game will also feature LEGO Castle:

Though the press release didn’t include an image, the game will also allow players to build Space creations.

Here’s a bit more:

LEGO® Battles offers a new kind of “build and battle” LEGO gameplay. Through six distinct story lines, players build their own LEGO bases and battle teams as they engage in over 70 different levels, mixing and matching units to create the ultimate customized LEGO squad. These unique LEGO battles teams see pirate swordsmen fighting side-by-side with wizards and aliens; dragons battling ninjas; and pirate ships launching broadsides against spacecraft and knights! Players can also challenge friends on the battlefield in multiplayer mode through wireless DS multi-card play.

And in case you missed it farther down the page, TT Games is hiring!

13 comments on “TT Games announces LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS, due Summer 2009 [News]

  1. Dr. X

    Reminds me a bit of Brikwars. You know there’s a programmer working on a Brikwars PC game over on the Brikwars forums? Right now he’s got a preliminary version out, but… it’s really preliminary. No eye candy. I hope he ends up finishing it.

  2. David4

    Those pictures aren’t screen shots, there is no way the DS could ever handle that, it looks like graphics for a PC or Wii game. Those are just to show what it will be like.

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  4. Optimystic

    Actually David, if they were pre-rendered cutscenes,(i.e: Not rendered by the game engine.) like in Metroid prime hunters, then it could easily be on the DS.

  5. rybuger1

    Makes me wonder when we`ll get a official press realese for LR3. I`m kinda surprised that we got a heads up on the set boxes before a press realese…

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