BattleTech mechs and more

New Brickshelf user lichtblau recently posted a few creations photographed and shared for the first time. lichtblau emerged from his dark ages after stumbling across Brick Commander and feeling the urge to create BattleTech designs with the more modern array of bricks and building techniques.

Check out some of the other creations recently added to the gallery.

9 comments on “BattleTech mechs and more

  1. Gambort

    That’s some really lovely stuff. I’d noticed his cars before but not the battlemechs.

    Dillon> As he mentions in the folder the wheels of the VW are mijaspers idea. It usually pays to read people’s descriptions when they have them ;)

  2. Dillon

    Thanks Gambort, but I actually did read the description. I should have phrased the question more like: which pieces are used to make that type of wheel?

  3. Bryan L.

    Yes, quite nice here! While I especially like the pickup (especially the leaf springs) – I would also like to know: What is the white piece in the VW wheel?

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