New LEGO board games to be released [News]

LEGO has announced the release of six new board games in the second half of 2009 where players construct their own board and dice, adding a level of fun where one can play a new version of the game each time. The UK and Germany Toy Fair Press release have more coverage on these new products, but unfortunately the US will not be seeing them anytime soon as the games are to be first released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Ireland with more countries to follow in 2010.

One game, Rameses Pyramid, involves children building their own pyramid, complete with treasure buried inside and Egyptian sphinxes. Players have to collect crystals to climb their mini-Lego character up the pyramid and claim the prize – the king mummy.

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  1. Morgan19

    Unrelated to this news story, but I’m getting a dialog box popup when I try and load anything on TBB:

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    Just an FYI, in case something b0rked.


  2. Andrew

    ^ Yeah, the image was hosted behind a sign-in wall.

    I can’t sign into that location at the moment to grab it and re-host it here on TBB (or elsewhere), but perhaps one of my other team members could oblige.

    I’ve also removed the URL from Jamie’s comment, since it’s somewhere not intended for public consumption. ;)

  3. David4

    First off…

    Everytime I open a page here this comes up….
    “A username and password are being requested by URL removed for security reasons. The site says: “Title””

    I just click cancel and it’s fine, just really odd because it just started.

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hate it when LEGO does something stupid and not release all the sets in all the countries, like the bulk windows, tires, and roof piece sets, the Good Wizard (Which I’m still waiting for!), and Castle Advent calendar. There is also a rumour that LEGO won’t release the Space Police sets in the UK, and Japan this year, but that is from Eurobricks and they are a bit crazy. It’s a great way to really piss up a lot of insanely loyal fans.

    I really like the tiny minifigure pieces, very neat.

  4. mania3

    I think this is a pretty cool thing. I look forward to seeing the LEGO-made dice. As a U.S. citizen, I’m excited to think I’ll have plenty of time to sift through reviews before I feel pressured to buy one. That is, provided they even receive a U.S. release.

  5. Benjamin P

    Yeah, I’d probably buy two of the Good Wizard…
    And why wouldn’t Lego release the Space Police in the UK and Japan? I’d consider those two highly profitable areas for those themes!

    The Board Game concept is interesting, but definitely intended for the target audience of kids. However, if the pieces are just right….
    I am interested to see how the dice works.

  6. Ben

    Perhaps LEGO should remove the “Board Games” section of the USA Shop at Home page if there are not sets in it. (Yes, I know the Tic-Tac-Toe is back briefly.)

    I guess we will have to purchase these educational and fun sets from Europe resellers. Perhaps we could lose a few egg timers and foam swords to make inventory room for the games…

  7. bruce n h

    IMO the most exciting things are the 2×2 tile with 1 stud in the middle and those half-size fig heads. If they’ve gone to the trouble to make molds for those things, you can bet they’ll start turning up in building sets soon.

  8. eti

    this looks VERY promising. Now I’m not sure it’s going to be all separate pieces, if Eurobricks is right and the price will be between 8 and 20 pounds (or euros or dollars…) I think it will be larger chunks.

    Those microfigs look promising for MOCs at microscale and/or to serve as children at minifigscale.

  9. Ramone

    This looks like great fun! I’d be up for those pyramid sets if they make them available in the US.

  10. brendanpowellsmith

    Ooh, could those miniminifigs finally be the answer to how to make a decent looking minifig baby or toddler? Lord knows I’ve tried many other solutions over the years, none particularly satisfying. Of course, this will mean I’ll have to go back and redo all the Brick Testament scenes featuring tots. Such is life.

    Anyone come across better images of said miniminis? There’s a little article here with box art and another game images, but it’s fairly low res and not anymore revealing:

    It does mention that Reiner Knizia is the game designer though, and I can certainly vouch that he’s done some brilliant work in the past.

  11. David4

    Six probably come out this year, if they sell well those six will go everywhere next year along with 4 new ones.

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