Wait. Who exactly let Keith in?

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Keith Goldman has joined The Brothers Brick as our resident Columnist.

Keith is one of those LEGO fans of near-mythical proportions. Having met Keith in person, I can report that he stands nine feet four inches tall (that’s twelve meters for you Canadians), and is able to levitate his entire LEGO collection with his mind. Despite his telekinetic abilities, Keith has four arms (six metric). To fit in better with mere mortals, Keith is able to change size and shape at will.

Here’s a photo of Keith (center) with his coterie of adherents, better known as KeithLUG — yes, the man has his own LEGO Users Group:

Keith is perhaps best known for his bloated dioramas, including The Omicron Weekend, built with one third of all LEGO bricks in the Western Hemisphere by a division from the US Army Corp of Engineers over the course of a six month period. Naturally, Keith directed the troops remotely with his mind.

Keith is also a LEGO Ambassador from 2008 until whenever he feels like it, bringing order to the LEGOverse (and MOCPages in particular).

As a Columnist for The Brothers Brick, Keith will apply his “oratorical tradition of uninhibited or unbridled commentary” to semi-regular editorials on LEGO-related topics. Hey may also deign to grace us with his own creations from time to time.

Without further ado, please welcome Keith Goldman to The Brothers Brick!

21 comments on “Wait. Who exactly let Keith in?

  1. Mike

    Seems like every time I get in the car lately, I hear a bunch of radio ads that Dos Eckes has been running about Keith. They never call him by name, but I think we all know who they mean when they talk about “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

  2. Brickule

    “nine feet four inches, twelve meters. Twelve meters would not be nine feet, a meter is a little over three feet, so twelve meters is over 36 feet.

  3. Nannan

    Also announcing from now on you must be 18 years or older to particpate on this blog. There will be inappropriate content for children.

  4. Andrew Post author

    @Carter: Glad someone noticed. As everyone knows, Keith is the originator of both pirates and ninjas, as well as everything else awesome in the universe.

    @Brickule: It’s a joke. ;-)

  5. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    @Nannan: NOOOOOOO! Is there no place for TFOLs?

    @Andrew: Ninjas aren’t awesome ;)

  6. Nathan Proudlove

    Oh lordy help us all! Seriously though, great choice. And what happened to people’s funny bones? Yikes.

  7. Dover

    I first read the second paragraph, “Having met Keith in prison…”

    I think that makes a better story myself. Would it be possible to change the facts?

  8. Andrew Post author

    @Ryan: Like my metric joke, Nannan was kidding. Our target “rating” for The Brothers Brick remains unchanged at PG/PG-13.

    @Dover: I can’t change my reality, but I have the power to change yours. ;-) (Your first comment was too funny — when written as intended — not to fix it for you.)

  9. Bunbrick

    ‘There will be inappropriate content for children.’ – Pictures of Keith’s otherworldly extra inches? :p

    A column sounds like a wonderful addition. I like how you guys continue to expand the scope of this blog beyond merely posting MOCs.
    Despite not being an active builder myself anymore (apart from some occasional doodling in LDD), I still enjoy keeping up with all things LEGO through this blog, and appreciate how serious (the good kind of serious) TBB takes the hobby, and the high standards you keep yourselves to, all the while still successfully managing to share the enjoyment of those little plastic bricks with the rest of us.

    That being said, I hope the venerable Mr. Keith can live up to my ever growing expectations of The Brothers Brick. (be they metric or imperial) ;)

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