PLUG members build LEGO underwater

Fernando Correia of TechnicBRICKs and his fellow PLUG members got together recently and did something that I believe has never been done before: They donned scuba or snorkel gear and built LEGO sets underwater. “Okay,” you say, “I did that once at my grandma’s place in Orlando.”

Fine, but did you build the set underwater while it was still in the bag?! Hmm? Hmm? Did you? I think not.

Only slightly less impressive is Fernando building 8418 Mini Loader with full scuba gear on — though not in the original polybag:

(Thanks for the tip, Roger!)

10 comments on “PLUG members build LEGO underwater

  1. Littlebrick

    I have that set. I haven’t touched it in a month or two, so maybe it’s time I take it apart and sort it into the appropriate brick bags.

  2. chessie2003

    I realize the video isn’t that great, but this is a cool achievement! Let’s see one of you do that!

  3. Riley Hunter

    My first thought was, “will ‘Underwater Lego Building’ become as famous as ‘Underwater Basket Weaving’?” because of these videos, but hey, if you have the idea, the means and the desire to do so, why not?

    Do something silly once in a while. ;)

  4. Bunbrick


    They should do a contest next time, with a whooole bunch of people in the pool at the same time, each with the same set, and see who finishes first. Whoever wins gets all the random pieces that will no doubt end up floating in the water everywhere. :-p

  5. Fernando Correia (Conchas)

    What a surprise, to see this here, Andrew!

    Yeah,… I believe that for some, this may sound strange, stupid, whatever you want to call it… ;)

    Maybe also the videos does not transmit the mood. But one thing I can tell you, all those who have participated or have been present, had a lot of fan. ;)

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