How to buy your 7979 Castle Advent Calendar [News]

FINAL UPDATE: As of October 20, 7979 Castle Advent Calendar was no longer available from LEGO Shop @ Home.

UPDATE (1:30 PM PDT, 9/27/08): I just got off the phone with LEGO Shop @ Home, and they said that there are still some left, so if you couldn’t call or weren’t able to get through yesterday, you should still be able to order today.

As we promised yesterday, here’s how US and Canadian fans can get their hands on the coveted 7979 Castle Advent Calendar set:

  1. Call LEGO [email protected] at 1-800-453-4652 (English) or 1-877-518-5346 (French) 1-800-835-4386.
  2. Give them the code JesterUS (for the US) or JesterCA for Canada.
  3. Order no more than 2 copies of 7979 Castle Advent Calendar, and nothing else! (This will keep the lines free for others trying to order. You can always add other sets to your order later, before it ships.)


  • US: $29.99 USD per set, plus shipping.
  • Canada: $39.99 CAD per set, plus shipping.

116 comments on “How to buy your 7979 Castle Advent Calendar [News]

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  2. Kimberly

    Thank you everyone for the info! It is 4:22 EST on Sunday 10/5, and I just ordered 2.

    Does this sort of thing happen alot? Calling Lego w/ a secret pass code? I never knew such a thing existed!

  3. Alan

    I am an avid toy collector of many various lines, and I have never had such an easy time ordering something over the phone. Thanks so much for the simple directions (and code!). This is my first Lego purchase in years!

  4. Michelle

    Just ordered one today! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My boys will be VERY excited, (including my “big boy” aka husband!)

  5. James

    I just ordered a set – thanks for posting this! They did question me about how i found out about the set, and they did require me to give the source code.

    I am excited about getting into castle this since I saw the Medieval Town set.

  6. Juliana

    Thank you! Just got off the phone with them and put my order in! I’m in Canada and used the English number that was crossed out. They also asked me to provide the code.

    This is my first time on this site (not quite sure how I ended up here but am glad I did) and wanted to thank you. My 2 boys will be so surprised when they get their calendars and I’m so happy that there is an alternative to the city calendar (which they have been receiving for the past 3 years).

  7. jomellygoat

    No go. I called today and it was a c1, which according to the customer service rep means none available, no idea if there will ever be any available. Bummer.

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