LEGO wants your ideas for LEGO City 2010 [News]

Although the set designs for LEGO City 2009 have already been finalized, The LEGO Group would like to get your input on what you’d like to see in 2010 and beyond. This is your chance to influence the future direction of the LEGO City product line!

So, in the comments on this post, use the format I’ve included below to give LEGO your suggestions.

Guidelines and legal stuff:

108 comments on “LEGO wants your ideas for LEGO City 2010 [News]

  1. Gerard J.

    Name of theme: Houses.

    This theme would have minifig sized houses.

    Idea #1 large house with garage and yard. 5 figs one dog. van

    Idea #2 Medium house with truck, 3 figs, 1 cat

    Idea #3 Small house with car one fig.

    EKnight (From Classic-Castle)

  2. EthanAlshire

    Name of the theme: [ Suburbia ]

    Short description of the theme:
    The houses and parks of a modern small town

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    House: Much like the “Creator” houses we have now, with a family and car. Furnished interior. 40-60$
    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    On the road again: two cars- maybe a car and a truck. Built agian in the detailed, realistic style reminescent of the Jeep in “Peril in Peru” Indiana Jones set. Maybe 5-wide?
    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Park: Slide, swingset, children. Benches and brick-built trees. Maybe a couple, biking? A Picnic on a picnic table. Mother pushing a stroller. Hopefully 6-8 figs.


  3. Andrew Post author

    I’ll take off my Ambassadorial robes for a moment and go first (as an example suggestion).

    Name of the theme: Hospital

    Short description of the theme:
    Where does the Emergency Rescue team take sick or injured LEGO City residents? To LEGO City Hospital, of course! At the Hospital, the doctors and nurses provide universal healthcare for citizens rich and poor, young and old.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Emergency Room:
    * Waiting area with desk, attendant, and patients
    * Exam area with doctor and nurses

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Ambulance: Because people don’t get to the hospital in a fire engine. With two EMTs and a patient.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Operating Room: With doctors, nurses, patient, and lots of equipment I don’t know the names of.

  4. Dr. X

    I apologize that this isn’t a theme suggestion, but I have to say this: Lego has one hospital already (I personally don’t really like it, because it has no rear walls. Many Lego city buildings have an alarming rack of rear walls, so the minifigs might just fall out it seems like. I recommend for the hospital theme that the rooms/hospitals have rear walls, and maybe they can be hinged so they can open. Also, there could be many rooms, (operating room, emergency room) and you could buy all of them, then connect them together to form a big hospital! It would be like the modular Factory sets, but they could be stackable-modular and designed to be built in to one building. That would be awesome.).

  5. SkyOtic

    Name of the theme: [Futuristic city]

    Short description of the theme:
    2010,… a date that sounds futuristic, with futuristic cars and stuff!
    with little robots and (maybe) floating cars and trucks and such things. because when i see children (5-10 range) playing with Lego, they build cars and trucks, but with computers and cables (like the delorean from back to the future)

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Monorail: a monorail like in the Futuron and blacktron line, but updated,and a more city look, like the airport shuttle.with a small station and minifigs. Additionally, some extra rail packs and motors could be sold

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Garage: A big garage with a anti gravity car or modern sportscar, tools, a robot, a large garagedoor that works and a minifig.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Street: a street with small shops on the sides. a delivery truck, a family car and a sportscar (all modern),shops: computer or gadget shop, grocery shop and another shop. many minifigures with accesoires
    Well, i would like to see sets like these!

  6. Matthewsamuel

    I think Dr. X’s idea of making the rooms connect is brilliant!

    It would be a great idea.

  7. Dr. X

    Ok, I thought of a great one:

    Name of theme: Military

    Sort description of theme:
    Lego City now can protect itself from invaders, with the new Military theme! The Military theme provides enforcement, wether it is a giant robot attack or a rival city, the Military is there to serve!

    Possible Set #1: (Inspiration:
    Air Force base. Includes a runway, maybe some ground vehicles, and one or two fighter jets! The jets could be grey (No blue!!) with squadron decals on the tail and the City military logo on the wings maybe too, possibly inspired or modeled after real ones (F-16, anyone?), and have some AAMs (Air-to-Air missiles) or small machine guns if Lego doesn’t like missiles (Or those spring loaded launchers). (If they can make tommy guns in batman than they can make machine guns on fighters) There would be 2 pilots, and maybe 2-3 ground crew. The planes would be high quality, so the price would be around 40-60$.

    Possible set #2: (Inspiration:
    Tank, or Main Battle Tank. It would be a medium-size tank, and maybe another small support jeep or something. The tank would be either olive-green, tan, or camo (stickers), and it would have working treads, and play features such as a shooting turret, opening hatch and inside, and other things. It would include some new Military figures, in dark green/camo color! The military figures could either use the Agent ‘Nozzle’ guns, the Batman ‘Big Hunker’ guns, or some new mold (!). Lego has already made military figs and guns in the Indiano Jones sets, so these wouldn’t be SO new. Price would be like 20-30$.

    Possible set #3: (Inspiration:
    Navy Destroyer. A large, grey ship with a tower in the middle and cannons/guns on each side. The cannons could have spring loaded launchers, there could be an opening inside with an engine, and possibly even an electric propellor motor like on the police boat set. The tower could also be removable, like in the Fire Nation boat in the Avatar theme. There could also be life boats and other small features. The hull could be wither brick built, or use the large new blue piece in the Harbor set (but recolored in grey), OR use a new large piece that can attach a motor on the bottom. It might have a helicopter landing pad OR a small motor boat with it. It would be pretty darn big so prices would be around 40-75$.

    Other possible sets:
    Aircraft carrier, 60-100$
    Military base, 60-100$
    Small army builder set, 5-10$
    A truck and/or Jeep, 20-30$
    An Apache-like helicopter, 15-25$
    Much more.

    I think it’s safe to say that the Lego community has been wanting this theme for a VERY long time, if it was made it would be very popular. It could also tie in with city.

  8. ivansanchez

    Name of the theme: Shops & malls
    Short description of the theme:
    Not all life on lego city is fires and thefts and hard work at the seaport. Minifigs deserve the right to have a coffee!
    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Urban cars
    See “6530 Sport Coupe”: A civilian hard-working minifig going to work. The set should be just one modern-looking car. A similar set could include two cars (one big, SUV-like, and another small, smart-like).
    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Internet café
    16×16 DkGrey baseplate, with 16×8 or 16×10 coffee shop – includes coffe machine, bar, stools, 6×4 glass windows, glass door, a couple of chairs&tables outdoors and a sign with the brand of the shop. The upper floor should be one simple flat (hollow 6×5 walls, 1×5 & 2×5 bricks, two 4×3 windows) with bed, TV, fridge, table. People in the coffee shop should have mugs and laptops.
    For extra modularity, place 1×2 bricks w/hole in appropiate places to make the set Café Corner pseudo-compatibility.
    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    See “6376 Breezeway Cafe”: Seems like a nice place to hang out. Well, take a 16×32 DkGrey baseplate, put *two* different 10×8 shops (electronics? hairdresser’s? clothing?), and a small plaza in the middle. Throw in a couple of trees, two benches, and a small fountain plus some potted flowers for the plaza. Upper floor reminiscent of “Breezeway Cafe”: balustrade, tables to have dinner, maybe an ice cream vendor or a vending machine.
    As with the internet café, put 1×2 bricks w/ hole to make it pseudo-compatible with café corner. Just make sure that the width of the walkway looks similar in the sets.

  9. tiberium_blue

    Theme: Lego City Amusement Park

    Example Sets: Rollercoaster, additional rides for the park, decorations pack (plants), Food stall etc.

    Why does it have to be theme based? why not general sets such as milkman, taxi cab, breakdown recovery, bus, park and so on. If they want Lego City to be like a real city, let’s have some more everyday elements instead of concentrating on emergency services all the time. The recycle truck and mail van was a good start.

  10. Gavin

    What themes would you like to see the City Design team work on? What are the essential models for that theme?

    Name of the theme: [ Lego Highway System ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Connect your lego cities with vast highways. Build bridges, overpasses and on ramps. Design street lamps, highways signs and stop lights. Stop by the truck stop to refuel or grap a bite to eat. Visit the state park or cross the Grand River and go camping.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Interstate Highway: Road plates that connect like large highways. Includes expandable off/on ramps, large pilons for creating overpasses, highways signs, street lamps and a few vehicles (cars, campers and big trucks)

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    The Grand River Bridge: Build a large bridge across a river canyon. Stop by the road side and snap pictures of the great canyon. Rent a canoe and travel down stream or take a horse to the bottom and camp out by the river.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    The Highway Truck Stop: It’s been a long haul and now it’s time to refuel and get a bite to eat. The Truckstop has fueling for cars and Trucks. The Cafe has a roadside grill with steak, chicken and chops. Get a souvenir at the cafe chop. Change your tires, wash your car or park and grap a nap before heading off on the long road.

  11. Gavin

    Name of the theme: [ The Architects ]
    Short description of the theme:
    Design the buildings of your dream. Beautiful and advanced Lego pieces will help you design modern and traditional buildings using real world colors like earth tones, stones and metals. Trees and shrubs will look like real earth. Your buildings will look more life like than ever before.
    Possible set idea #1:
    The Modern City: A set of buildings with metallic greys, blues and whites. Includes parts for skyscrapers using shiney black and silver windows, ornaments for masonry, grand doorways and arches.
    Possible set idea #2:
    The Old Neighborhood: A set of buildings with rustic reds, browns and beige. Includes parts for old buildings or apartments using dark red bricks, warehouse windows, rot iron gates, and colorful canopies over shop windows.
    Possible set idea #3
    Suburbia: A set of houses with whites, light yellow and light blue with colorful roof tiles using light green, light brown and light red. Includes pieces for landscapes using dark red, blue and orange flower pieces. Shrubs will be dark and light green with light brown shrubs as well. Trees can be made into seasonal pieces using oranges, yellows and browns for autumn foliage.

  12. David

    Futuristic City failed, that’s what World City was.

    I guess LEGO ran out of ideas for making a new fire or police stations. :)

    I can’t think of a line, but two things they really need to finish off other City sub-themes…

    A Bank for the Police to guard, bad guys to steal.
    A post office! They release Postal sets this year but no office?!

  13. Spaz115

    Name of the theme: [ Pirates ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Classic Pirate sets reinvented.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    A small set, with three pirates, a cannon and a raft.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Some sort of island base.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    A large ship with many minifigs and parts. Should be at least 40 studs long.

  14. Andrew Post author

    @Spaz115: Those are great ideas, but they don’t fall under LEGO City. We’d all love to have pirates back (and that’s been communicated to LEGO through the Ambassador program), but this isn’t the channel for making that suggestion. Sorry! :(

  15. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: [CAFE/RESTAURANTs/Entertainment]

    Short description of the theme:
I see the future of Lego City sets in collaboration with official corporations or public services e.g.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
An official STARBUCKS CAFE with trademark green colours and coffee themes/ An official CAFFE NERO classic blue themed lego sets.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
An official Royalmail Delivery DEPOT with red trucks and lego postmen and postwomen, hooray!!!!! (Trademark RED colours)

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
An official Greater Manchester Police lego set – imitating the actual look and style of Manchester Police cars, haha! …..Maybe NOT!

    Possible set idea #4 (with short description):
    Greater Manchester Metrolink Train Station/Depot set with all new Lego Trains based on local Trams/Trains.

    Possible set idea #5 (with short description):
    You could have a trademark Blackpool tram lego set complete with the world famous ‘Blackpool illuminations’ that actually light up. This could be in collaboration with Blackpool Pleasure Beach. BLACKPOOL TOWER. (thats a ridiculous idea, haha!)

    Check out my own Lego City here:

    Many Thanks
    4th July 2008

  16. tiberium_blue

    Lego City Zoo could be another theme with different attractions at the zoo being different sets.

  17. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: [Lego City TAXi]

    Short description of the theme:
Lego City Taxi sets based on taxi cars from around the world such as London, America = NYC, Japan, India, China

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description)
    London Cab with its classic black colour and orange taxi logo

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description)
    New York taxi with its classic yellow colour

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description)
    India with its 3 wheeled wonder, haha!!!

    Possible set idea #4 (with short description)
    Taxis from china usually have a cyclist or a man pulling the taxi
    LEGO Taxi please!!!!!

    ….Just a suggestion. Come to think of it – sounds a bit boring! HA!

  18. bidzybaby2007

    I’ve got it!!!

    Name of the theme: [Lego Shinkansen]

    Short description of the theme: A LEGO CITY BULLET TRAIN or as the Japanese call it: Shinkansen. An official Lego Shinkansen set!

    The set would include the trademark white with blue stripe bullet train complete with lots of minifigures and a 21st Century Lego Train Station.

    ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. bidzybaby2007

    Might sound silly… but…

    …Name of the theme: [Lego City Bus]

    I’ve never seen a Lego Bus. Have they ever made one?
    Cities are usually crowded with buses!

    Many Thanks

  20. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: Lego City Olympics

    I see Lego Group have designed a Lego Eiffel Tower set.

    Why not celebrate the Olympics with a London Eye lego set.

    Each capsule of the Mega Ferris-Wheel could contain a different legoman or flag representing each country. WA HEY! Lego is indeed a universal medium!!!

    The set could also be battery powered! SPIN IT – INNIT!!!!!!!

  21. Lukas

    Name of the theme: [Lego Transportation]

    Short description of the theme:
    A small series of vehicles to inhabit the lego city.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Taxi Cab
    A simple single-car set (maybe with some street signs) that includes
    a 4 or 6 wide taxi cab. Two figs- driver and customer. Around $15

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Small bus with Stop.
    A small bus able to fit at least 6 figs, hopefully more. Includes a small bus stop with covering and signs. 4 figs or so, with luggage. $35-45 dollar range.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Delivery Van
    Medium-sized van with opening doors and back. Selection of boxes that can be stored in the back of the truck. One fig, the driver. $20-ish.

  22. Dr. X

    I have a question, how do the designers at Lego get these comments? Does TBB e-mail them to them, or do the designers just look at them themselves? If so, can the designers…. COMMENT?? *Gaspeth*

    Just a question.

    Also, I have noticed, some comments here a ramblings and not actual ideas…

  23. Johan

    Name of the theme: [ Cars ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Cars in different shapes and forms. From small smartcars to larger SUVs

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    A smaller Car, a sedan or a “smartcar”.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    An SUV

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    a Parking house. It’s modular so more storeys can easily be added. E.g. by buying another parking house set…

  24. TSAkosem

    I am not really sure if I’m the first to come up with this, but —
    Name of the theme: [LEGO Countryside]

    Short description of the theme:
    The idea of farms, or the opposite of the big City idea.
    More based on the agriculture, maybe a barn and some
    ‘agricultural machinery’.
    (All minifig size)

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Tractor –
    A set with 1 tractor and farmer minifig, also maybe 1 or 2 attachments for the tractor which are used for farming and… stuff.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Lawn Tractor –
    Well this may sound repetitive but-
    (at least I grew up at a place where we had a neighbour who mowed the grass once every week with a lawn tractor, this also on the countryside)
    This could be a nice idea for a small, easy set, also minifig format.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Barn and field –
    Idea for a large set, with a barn and not-too-complex interior, maybe 2 or more minifigs such as the farmer and some helpers.

  25. John k (lone wolf)

    Name of the theme: [Robofactory]

    Short description of the theme:
    Need some help around town or in the house, Why not call the robofactory! no matter what size or shape, the factory can build a robot for you!

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    The factory itself, th conveyor belts, robotic assembly arms an a heap of parts

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    A giant robot, (possibly one that fits a minifig inside) with firing missiles and detachable jetpack. its about the size of the titan XP and is anime like.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    construction bot a robot with a number of tools that can help workers on a job site and can lift steel beams

  26. JK

    Dr. X- i like, no love your idea, but they should come with enimies to fight (like you said, Giant robots and aliens) also i have some suggestions :
    F35 like fighter
    V22 osprey
    Stryker Vehicle
    UAV drones

    Good luck on your theme! I hope you get picked!

    (yes i just commented before)

  27. Andrew Post author

    @Dr. X: I’ll be sending these to LEGO by e-mail. Company representatives very rarely comment on future plans, so I suspect it will be a very long time before we get any feedback about which ideas they liked and which ones will turn into sets. (Think of the long turnaround time between LEGO asking fans about which classic car we wanted and the very recent release of the VW Beetle.)

    @Dr. X & JK: LEGO has said repeatedly over the years (as recently as last week in the FAQ on Gizmodo) that they maintain a strict policy against modern military sets.

    To save you a couple clicks, here’s what they said:

    Are there any chances that Lego will ever start producing modern day warfare Lego, with tanks and helicopters and what not?
    We have a strict policy regarding military models, and therefore, we do not produce tanks, helicopters, etc. While we always support the men and women who serve their country, we prefer to keep the play experiences we provide for children in the realm of fantasy.

    And the obvious counter-question:

    Why did they changed the founders rule to never make gun like elements?
    The company still has a no gun policy when it comes to realistic or military play scenarios. However, in order to stay true to the strong licensed properties we incorporate to the Lego portfolio, we need to stay true to those properties and sometimes that involves including weapons. In our own play themes, some element of good vs. bad conflict is typically considered to provide for role play opportunities. In those instances, the setting is very clearly a fantasy world.

    Keep the great ideas coming, everybody! :-D

  28. David

    I like the Zoo idea…

    Name of the theme: LEGO City Zoo

    Short description of the theme:
    Several different set

    Set 1: Zoo Entrance
    A $50 or $60 set that has the welcome gate, a small food area, and a few small animal cages.

    Set 2: Animal Cages.
    There can be several different animal cages as separate sets so you can design the Zoo yourself. There can be monkeys, dophins, sharks, bears, just to name a few.

    Set 3: Zoo Crew
    A $10 set that contains a little truck and clean up items. It would be like sets 7737 and 7942 but for a zoo.

  29. David

    Theme: News Crew

    Set 1: A News Van
    A van that has the reporter, a camera man and the person being interviewed.

    Set 2: A News Helicopter
    Can report on the traffic for your LEGO City. Something like set 6553.

    Set 3: TV Studio
    The “base” of the theme. You need a weather section, some offices a small lobby, and the news set itself.

  30. David

    Please send this one too….

    LEGO Theme: Women
    LEGO City sets that contain women that have a woman’s face. So far the only City set to have a woman in it is 4936, and that seems to be a USA only release.

    Set 1: Women
    Set 2: Women
    Set 3: Women


  31. David

    LEGO Farm

    I have always wanted a LEGO Farm theme, more so after seeing this awhile ago… I don’t know who built it but it’s perfect.

    Set 1: Farm House
    An old style house with a nice porch and sloped roof. Could contain a farmer, his wife and one or two children.

    Set 2: Barn and Field
    A nice old fashion red barn, with a silo and a crop next to it.

    Set 3: Tractor
    What is a farm without a tractor? A medium size dark green tractor with a farmer and a few different attachments, a seeder, harvester ect.

    A small lawn tractor or small farmer’s car could be used as Impulse sets.

  32. Timothy Ratner

    Name of theme: Film Making(Yes, I know there has been LEGO Studios, but this is a little bit different)

    Description of theme: This series shows film-making, on the streets.
    Closed areas, stuff like that.

    Set idea #1: Filming on the street(closed area)
    A set on a baseplate that has a printed road design on it, with a fair amount of stud space around the road for background objects. Including actors holding scripts, director and producer, and other filming staff. Price range $15-$20
    Set idea #2: Panning camera rig
    The kind they used for following cars from the outside, and stuff like that. Set includes camera man, with the moving camera rig, and a small, simple car, with someone driving it. Possible price: $10
    Set idea #3: Props
    Simple set, just a small area, with boxes/crates of film props.
    Possible price: $5
    I doubt this will get chosen, but here’s a try.

  33. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

    Name of the theme: Non-confrontational City

    Short description of the theme:
    City playsets not based on violent confrontations or construction, full of useful parts with an emphasis on teaching children the joys of minifig recombination of parts that will last a lifetime.

    Possible set idea #1
    Barber Shop / Salon
    Comes with one of every style of LEGO hair piece in multiple colors, plus newly designed ones that will make this set a must-have. Also comes with printed 2×2 newspaper and magazine tiles.

    Possible set idea #2
    Pet Store / Animal Rescue Shelter
    Comes with one of every style and color of LEGO cat, dog, bird, fish, plus newly-designed puppies, turtles, etc. I don’t even like dogs in real life, but if you make LEGO puppies they will sell like $%&’n hotcakes. Do not deny it.

    Possible set idea #3
    Local Butcher Shop / Grocery
    Comes with one of every type of LEGO food item, plus new newly-designed slab of beef, meat cleaver, pig, and sheep. Butcher minifig himself will be most memorable minifig in years. How you achieve that goal is your job. Earn your paycheck.

    Inspirational linked photo:
    (LEGO, did we really need laser-shooting sharks and 8 million new bionicle molds before you designed a cow, pig, and sheep? you have been shamed)

    Oh, also: throw in a newly designed official LEGO baby minifig body in one of the above sets. It’s about time.

  34. Mike

    Name of the theme: [ Eco-LEGO City ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Clean fuel sources, recycling centers, planet friendly LEGO city ideas.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Fuel station;
    Complete with electric car recharging station and hydrogen fuel pumping stations. Could include up dated car, truck, and van to referance the new wave of technologies and artistic direction of these clean air vehicles.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Mono-Rail system;
    With station and two stops. One could be a down town LEGO City office space, and the other could be an entertainment center and/or market place.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Energy power plant;
    Set could have a solar farm (small one), wind mill, Line Men, and such.

  35. Roy Whitford

    I’ll give it a shot.

    Name of Theme: [Urban Life]

    Description: Taking a nod from the “City” Creator sets, these (possibly less-complex) sets place builders in a modern urban setting, bustling with life!

    Possible set #1: “Green” Bus Stop (small- to mid-range price point)
    Everyone needs to get to work somehow! Now your Lego citizens can hop on a hybrid bus to take them where they need to go! Grab something to read at the nearby newsstand while they wait, or even a quick snack! Includes bus stop, newsstand, hybrid bus, and, of course, minifigs!

    Possible Set #2: The Corner Store (mid-range price point)
    Even a busy city needs a place to shop, and this one is no different! Whether a grocer, a deli, a coffeehouse, or even a specialty store–you have the pieces to make it happen! Also includes a small second-floor apartment, perfect for a minifig family! Includes instructions to make each of the store configurations (but only enough pieces to make one at a time), and, of course, minifigs!

    Possible Set #3: The Maxwell Building (high-end price point)
    The Maxwell Building is the skyscraper of the city’s future! Home to offices and apartments, the complex is always bustling with life! Eco-friendly wind generators atop the roof help provide power for the offices and apartments below, so long as you keep those pigeons away! Don’t forget to grab a little snack on your way out the door! Includes skyscraper, hot dog vendor, bus stop, and–you guessed it–minfigs!

    Sorry if the descriptions sounded corny. I’m trying to go with the official Lego style here.

  36. Daisey

    Name of the theme: [Lego City Crime]

    Short description of the theme:
    Cops and robbers, hollywood style. Think Ocean’s 11, Italian Job, etc. These sets work with existing police sets.

    Possible set idea #1: Casino
    One building, two floors. Basically a simple casino layout with chip counter, slot machines, card tables. Second floor is a vault. Playability includes different ways to sneak into vault: food/drink carts, vents?, wall that gets destroyed?, and of course a large vault door.

    Possible set idea #2: Mansion
    Wide 1 floor house. Security cameras. Front pillars. Roof with skylights (to sneak in). Garage with fancy car? Playability includes secret room, behind giant cabinet or something.

    Possible set idea #3: Armored Bank Car
    ———————————————————– armored.jpg

    Bank truck. About this size:

    Playability includes collapsing truck wall or floor that allows monetary payload to discharge into the wrong hands! Oh no!

  37. Shay

    Name of the theme: Music in the City

    Short description of the theme:
    A theme that emphasizes the art and entertainment of music in different forms.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Street Musicians:
    A walking area with street musicians/performers/buskers entertaining passers by. Something like a guitarist, drummer, or other instruments.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Concert Venue/Park:
    An outdoor venue with a stage and fans.. Could be in a park or something too too.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Recording Studio:
    A place where LEGO musicians go to record their tunes.

  38. Chris Weagel

    Name of the theme: Manufacturing

    Short description of the theme:

    Producing, Designing, Crafting – Hard Work, Industrial Production and Mass Employment comes to Lego Land! Kids will experience all stages of Industrial Triumph: Gathering Raw Materials, Product R&D, Assembly Line Production, and Transport/Delivery!

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):

    Iron Mine – Large Equipment, Mine Carts, and Miners hall raw Iron ore out of the earth and into waiting Trucks, Train Hoppers and Ocean Freighters. Dig it up and ship it out!

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):

    Super Factory Industrial Complex:
    Complete with Assembly line, Power Room, Testing and Design Lab, and Owner’s Office. Cranks and gears like those found in new Death Star set could animate the assembly line arms and hooks, paths and chutes. Sections could be modular and have possible extension sections that connect to steel deliveries receiving from the Iron Mine and Shipping Department.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Shipping and Receiving Department

    Bring the raw materials in, Ship the final products out. Shipping dock that connects to Factory, Incoming and Outgoing trucks and train cars. Product palettes, inventory crates and partial warehouse of finished goods.

  39. Joe

    Name of theme: PARK

    An all-encompasing name for various Lego Parks (not Legoland) such as small city parks, zoos or theme parks

    SET IDEA 1: Rollercoaster – Working model of a rollercoaster, but in minifig scale and PowerFunctions compatable. This would be the BIG set, include at least 6 figures (Operator, guests with reversable screaming heads) Power functions would be used to drive chains to pull a cart up the track using chainlinks like in a real rollercoaster.

    SET IDEA 2: Playground – A simple playground with swings, slides, those things that spin around and make kids throw up. Simple set, but with lots of kid (short leg) minifigs. Perhaps with an ice cream truck to give the set a vehicle. And at least one mother with a stroller.

    SET IDEA 3: Parkland – Lots of trees and flowers, a pond with fountain, child figure with sailboat (in pond), rolling hills. New elements would include sports equipment: baseball bat, football, frisbee. Add a hotdog cart for ‘vehicle’.

    SET IDEA 4: Hot dog cart by itself.

    SET IDEA 5: Ice Cream Truck by itself. Don’t forget hungry kid minifigs!

    SET IDEA 6: Carousel – Can use existing horse molds. Optional powerfunctions mod could allow it to spin/horses bob up and down.

    ….I think that’s enough for now. I could go on and on.

  40. Bob Dole

    Mike and Rev. Brendan Powell Smith, BEST IDEAS EVAR!!! I mean, good ideas, hope to see them turned into sets, but the butcher is iffy, i don’t think TLC would make a butcher

  41. dynoh-mite!

    Theme: City Slums

    Description: A real look at today’s world, with an emphasis on economy, shanty towns, and rising gas prices.

    Set 1: Homeless alley.
    Lego sidewalk with cardboard homes. Includes minifig selling fake prada bags.

    Set 2: Lego unemployment office
    Small building with long sidewalk. Includes 20 minifigs for sizeable unemployment line.

    Set 3: House of Ill Repute
    Lego house with many small rooms including scantily clad female minifigs. Faces have too much makeup. Male minifigs include construction worker, postman, police chief, etc.

  42. Dr. X

    @ Andrew’s Lego company quote: I still think they should just say “To heck with it!” and make some Military Legos. I don’t think anyone would protest, think of all the GI-Joe playsets and Mega-Block sets with Military, and the parents still buy them. I mean, you’ve already made this set: (7622). If that’s not real-life military I don’t know what is. Rifles, revolvers, machine guns, SOLDIERS, and very military-looking realistic army vehicles. If you can make that, you can certainly make other military stuff. You could, also, have planes with no guns or missiles (but grey!), and destroyers with only spring-loaded launchers. I still think it would work fine, the ‘No-military-forever’ rule of Lego’s is probably the only thing I don’t like about the best toy in the world. I think it’s time for Lego to roll up their pacifist pants and kick a tree in the shin.

  43. TooMuchDew

    Some people seem to be missing
    “Target age range of 5-10 years old” so…

    Name of the theme: [ LEGO Farm ]

    LEGO farm with barn and silo, fencing, tractors, harvesters, farmer minfigs, fruits/vegetables. Why not introduce new animal figs: cow, pig, sheep, chicken to go along with their DUPLO versions?

    Possible set idea #1:
    ($50 price range)
    Classic Barn with Silo, Fencing, Farmer, Pickup Truck, Crates, Vegetables/Fruits, Farm Animals

    Possible set idea #2:
    Farm Tractor with Trailer:
    ($15-20 price range)
    Modern or classic tractor with hay trailer and/or other farm implements

    Possible set idea #3:
    ($25-30 price range)

    …failing that, I’ll go with what Rev BPS said :)
    (though I DO enjoy sharks with laser beams)

  44. TooMuchDew

    Ok, this idea is probably more age range 8-12 or so but I’m gonna throw it out there anyways:
    With over 120 sets since 1958, Fire/Rescue seems to be the second most popular System sub-theme of Town-related sets next to Trains.
    How about a LEGO Factory Fire & Rescue set comprised of approximately 600 pieces (a cross beteen 10183 “Hobby Train Set” and 1990’s “7 Basic Building Set”
    Have 2 or 3 main models with printed building instructions and LDD files/PDF instructions for the rest. Either pick a group of nominated AFOL’s (similar to Ambassador nominations) or run a contest at and pick the designers from winners. Examples: minifig scale (could be 6-wide or 8-wide) with designs for a couple of different Fire Engines, Ladder Truck, Aerial Tower, Rescue Squad, Chief’s SUV, Ambulance, Brush/Wildland Truck, Tanker/Tender Truck, Hazmat Truck, a couple of antique/classic Fire Trucks, even a Heavy Tow Truck. Include 4 firefighter minifigs, ladders, stretcher, rescue accessories, maybe even Power Functions parts…

  45. David Stannard

    Octan Oil Transport

    Set 1: Small oil rig using similar construction technique of Coast
    Guard 4210 with Helo platform, small transport helo capable of
    holding pilot and 1 worker or cargo 6 wide similar to UH 1B,
    drilling head with mast, office, toolroom, accomodation
    quarters, transfer hoses and pipes and a dinghy for life raft
    Minifigs: Rig Foreman, 3 rig workers and 1 pilot.

    Set 2: Oil Tanker using hull of 7994 in green or red with a transfer
    wharf with small office, pump house or pump assembly,
    hoses and pipes associated with transferring oil from ship to
    Minifigs: 1 Captain, 2 shipcrew engineer/deckhand 1 transfer
    dock worker

    Set 3: Octan Tank Farm/Transfer Depot with 2 Fuel tanks made from
    30562 4 x 4 x 6 Quarter Cylinder Panels make tanks
    about 13 to 14 bricks high with spill retention walls, office,
    pump room, storeroom with loading dock with oil drums, flat
    bed delivery truck and a dual sided fuel transfer stand that
    can fill trucks or rail oil tankers, have instructions that would
    show the possibility of incorporating a rail siding to the
    model so you could have trains and trucks using the depot
    for transporting fuel if you like.
    Minifigs: 1 Manager, 1 office worker/clerk/secretary, 2
    workers for tending to the needs of the depot or driving the

    Set 4: Fuel Tanker 6 wide rigid truck similar to tanker in 6562.
    Minifigs: 1 Driver

    Possible set 5: This is more a train related set than pure city but fits
    the format, Rail Tanker Wagon using either half
    cylinders or curved slopes such as 30602 for the tank
    section could be either 4 wheel or bogie design.

  46. Craig

    Theme Lego City 1 –

    This is based on my MOC’s that my 5 year Old plays with the most and the requests .

    Idea 1 – City Bridge – i built a bridge using the old railway platform bases – 12 wide – can fit the current digger down it no problem – this was based on the mega crane advert that lowers the section into the city bridge. I added a section in the centre where the road can be lifted up and there are visible puipes ETC underneath – multi purpose this has seen several batman and Indiana jones themed adventures also.

    Idea 2 – The City bank – my son’s favourite minifigs are his robbers – so they needed somewhere to rob ! this has a ground floor with a counter and safe, and a 2nd storey with an office. Exterior is very similar to the Town plan city hall.

    Idea 3 – My fav’s as a kid were my plain old commuter cars, 4 wide with opening doors. My city is now full of construction vehicles, recycling trucks and emergency vehicles, but no 6 wide cars (other than MOC’s) How about a set with 2 different styled cars and either a police motorcylcle or similar to give the set some story concept just for the kids. I’d love to see a nice pickup truck and a family car.

  47. Craig

    Next Batch – City Life

    Idea 1 – My son is at legoland windsor right now (I’m home with the baby) looking for parts to build a Bus – So many good ideas on brickshelf ETc, but he would love a city style bus – could work with the airport theme or transport, with plenty of scope for features

    Idea 2 – The cargo ship and coastguard sets went down well with my son – I’d like a similar sized pleasure yacht – similar size to the cargo ship – swimming pool on deck – large areas at eash each for minifigs with a central ship section – could easily accomodate a floor of rooms underneath deck – engine room at one end and cabins at the other. Who are the coast guard going to rescue after all.

    Idea 3 – 2 words – Cable Car.. (like the spider man set but bigger – space for minifigs inside and opening doors etc. – A platform at each end to disembark on) This is something i’m working on anyway, but this has massive play potential…

  48. Big Bad Bob

    How about: America’s Cup

    Sets 1 and 2: Racing Yachts with crews (think Alinghi and Team NZ)

    Set 3: Marshal’s boat with course markers.

    The boat could have detachable weighted keels like the old lego boats so the can race on the floor or the water! Power functions could also be used within the hull for steering etc. Boats could be sponsored by Octan or ‘cargo’ or the post office for continuity.

  49. RichardAM

    Name of the theme: [Recreational Beach]

    Short description of the theme:
    Lego City goes to the beach for recreation and spending free-time! This theme focusses on social ideas and communities rather than the coastguard/harbour subthemes, showing an alternative to the work/work/work mindset of the existing themes.

    Possible set idea #1 (Convertible):
    A fancy new car for the minifigs to drive and take to the beach. built six stud/eight stud wide, detachable roof, and minifigs, one male, one female. Opening trunk and engine.

    Possible set idea #2 (Beach Sports):
    A water based set with jetskis, surfboards, perhaps a small motorboat. Avoid the need to make it competitive- numerous minifigs having fun, a small shed/building can contain flippers, scuba gear, the surfboards etc.

    Possible set idea #3 (Beach House):
    Similar to the Paradisa mansion here, but redesigned to accomodate the minifig family included. Detachable rooms, furniture, A pool perhaps, with palm trees. A space/garage could be included for the convertible (bought seperately!).

  50. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: [LEGO SCHOOL]

    Short description of the theme:
    Lego School complete with pupils, teachers, dinner ladies and ofcourse the caretaker,

    Possible set idea #1 Lego minifigures with shirt and tie and a playground complete with mums and dads waiting for them to be picked up. HAHA!! Absolutely barmy!!!!! …I’m sure thats the last thing kids would want to play with after returning from a hard days work, haha! BUT HEY – its an idea.

    Possible set idea #2 Lego University = lego-men and lego-ladies graduating with their hat and gowns complete with degree scroll.

    Possible set idea #3 Lego Lecture Theatre or Cinema full of theatre-goers. Complete with a TV or projector screen.

  51. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: [LEGO PUB/LEGO BAR]

    Short description of the theme:
    Everyone likes a drink! Why not create a Lego BAR complete with Barmaid or Bartender. Serving up some Lego juice!!!

    Possible set idea #1
    Lego bar with an excellent selection of finest ales. None of that Alco-pop polarva!!!! HAHA!!!! (Please note: I am not drunk whilst suggesting this lego set idea) VOTE FOR LEGO BOOZE NOW!!!!! YEEEE-HA!!!!!!

  52. Steve

    Name of the theme: [ City Parks & Museums ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Complete your city with interesting parks from around the world, from famous to secluded alley gardens. The parks could include fountains to merry go rounds, fishing to skating.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    NYC Park with river and bridges, carriage, baseball field, etc…the elements are endless

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Arboretum similar to Washington DC.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Alley garden to match the Cafe’ corner, etc.

    Conceptually, the gardens & museums are endless…

  53. legovaughan

    Theme Name:
    Lego Business
    (or something more kid friendly than Lego Commerce and Industry)…

    …essentially a theme that could inlcude a huge range of sets, from the Corner Shop, Local Baker or Shopping Mall (like Roy Whitford’s Urban Life ideas above) through to Commerical Offices, Manufacturing Plants or Industrial Factorys (where do the citizens of Lego City get their cars from? What offices and companies are in the Lego City CBD?)

    Set Ideas:
    Newsagent and Deli (small-medium)
    A place for Lego citizens and suburban dwellers to buy their lottery tickets, pick up the daily paper or a magazine. Perhaps next door, a place to grab a soda and some potato chips. 3 figs (store owners and customer) maybe a bicycle?

    Butcher and Baker (small-medium)
    Small stores for Lego citizens to pick up some steaks or buy a turkey, pop next door to the baker and get some bagels and buns.

    Perhaps including 3 figs; a butcher, baker and customer would push the set into the mid-range price bracket? Perhaps the small sets could focus on just on shop and include 1 fig?

    The smaller sets could be built back-to-back or hinged so they can swing round alongside each other, allowing other small shops to be connected into a Mega Mall.

    Car Factory (medium)
    An assembly line complete with robots, parts for two or three cars, 2 or 3 figs, 2 or 3 different brickbuilt assembly line robots.

    City Media (large)
    A television/radio/internet office with a broadcast studio, a data center complete with servers, an office or two, a boardroom, transmission gear on the roof, several figs, maybe even an outside broadcast van.

    Yikes, that’s more typing than I expected, but yeah, that’s the idea.

  54. dynoh-mite!

    Some people seem to be missing
    “Lego CITY theme” so…

    stop suggesting farms and country. that would fall under Lego Country. or the Western Lego set. And that theme is dead.
    City=urban. Country=rural. Look at a geography book.

  55. Regina

    Name of the theme: [Lego Towers]

    Short description of the theme:
    Remember the old school castle system? From 1984. The castles could be expanded by smaller sets that attached to the walls. Like the blacksmith shop (6040) or the inn (6067 -one of my all time favorites!).

    Anyway, bring that modular-expandable-idea to Lego City via sets that can expand like malls, hospitals, police stations, fire departments.
    Each set could be a “floor” of a tower. When you buy a new set, remove the roof of the older one and attach the new floor! Think 1984 castle system, meets sim tower, meets lego.

    Possible set idea #1: apartment
    bedroom, kitchen, dining room table, mother, baby. furniture can be rearranged, so one could buy several of these sets and make them each look different!

    Possible set idea #2: flower shop
    cashier, flowers. or some kind of store.

    Possible set idea #3: reception
    tall walls/ceiling. comes with roof. door man. front desk. mail slots. fun times.

  56. diddly

    Lego Theme: Lego Politicians, Tyrants, and Crooks

    Short description: Children 5 or 16 are never too young to learn about the corruption of our finest ruling parties.

    Set 1: Money Laundering Mayor
    Minifig with top hat. City hall. Including sizable cash room/treasury. The accountant minifig has face of old pirate captain:
    Both minifigs drive lego equivalent of bugatti veyron and maybach. Included in the set is the street outside the Hall. 3 homeless minifigs gather around fire in a trashcan.

    Set 2: Governor’s Entourage
    Lego Humvee Stretch Limo. Roof is removable revealing the shinanigans inside. Governor is in back with wine glass.
    The rest of the stretch limo is full of female minifigs wearing various outfits.

    Set 3: The White House
    Includes the oval office with president minifig. Office includes lego giant 8 ball for the president’s war decisions. General is in different office, with 3 female minifigs in various outfits. A sticker on the wall reveals war plans that are poorly thought out, including invasions into foreign countries that appear to have occurred for no rhyme or reason as the general is distracted by his 3 harlots.

  57. TooMuchDew

    I guess I missed the “CITY” aspect with my previous Farm suggestion
    (but we do need a farm)
    All kids DO enjoy roleplaying everyday life (and if you really want to have a chance of bringing more girls builders)

    Name of the theme: [LEGO Public Transportation]

    Busy LEGO people need to get around town:

    Set idea #1: City Bus ($30 price range)
    Modern City Bus with opening doors and room from minifigs to sit,
    removable roof, opening door. Driver and a couple of passengers
    waiting at a busstop bench included. (make at least one a female minifig)

    Set idea #2: School Bus ($20 price range)
    At GMLTC shows, my MOC from back in 1999 gets the most requests
    (Does LEGO sell these, or would I sell mine or make a kit?)
    Classic yellow School Bus with black stripes, corrugated sides, opening door, removable roof, driver and maybe a couple of kids (make at least one a female minifig)

    Set idea #3: Taxi Cab ($8-10 price range)
    Taxi Cab with four opening doors, removable roof, opening trunk, cab driver and passenger (make at least one a female minifig)

  58. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: Lego Art & Design

    Short description of the theme:
    What do most major cities have?

    01> Library with lego books
    02> Art Galleries/Museums
    03> Buses/Bus Station
    04> Shops (lots of shops)
    05> Post Office/Post Depot > Wait a minute Mr.POSTMAN!!!!
    06> Taxi’s
    07> Bars/Clubs (An illuminating Lego Dancefloor) I’ve found a place where we can BOOGIE!!!! BOOGIE WOOGIE!!!!!!!!!
    08> Buses with lots of lego public
    09> Tall Buildings & Skyscrapers
    10> Cafe’s/Restaurants (bring back the PIZZERIA set) That was GREAT!
    11> School/University
    12> Cinema/Theatre (LEGO Cinema COMING SOON 2010)
    13> Casino (place your bets please)
    14> City Bank (somewhere to keep safe all our LEGO coins and cash)
    15> TV Studio (film crew included)
    16> Newspaper Press HQ (TODAY IN LEGO NEWS….)
    17> Lots Of Cars (not enough LEGO Bicycles)
    18> Bridges (connecting city to city)
    19> Highways/Roads
    20> Sports Arena
    21> Cathedral (I think religion is a touchy subject for Lego Group)
    22> A Lego Office (Lego shirt & tie men with computer laptops)
    23> Park area with lots of flowers and trees, for all lego lovers ahhhh!
    24> Train Station (just make sure the train arrives in time for 20:10)

    All these ideas could be turned into new ‘never before seen’ Lego sets

  59. diddly

    City Theme: Lego Upper Class

    Short Description: As the cost of Lego is high, it is fairly considered a luxury product. Might as well tailor to the rich kids that receive Lego as gifts for birthday, christmas, bat mitzvahs, et cetera

    Set 1: Lego Pent House
    This set attaches to the top of any other lego building: street corner, train station, bank, police station. Includes a balanced family with complete set of parents ( mother AND father ) and two young healthy children. Lego dog would be cool. Pent house is spacious including the luxuries most well-off CEOs indulge in: lego bar, art collection, fine linens, large room, et cetera

    Set 2: Lego Stock Exchange
    Kids 5 years old and up will love this little crowded scene full of minifigs with plastic arms raised, creating box spreads while trying to cross trade with other brokers.

    Set 3: My Super Sweet 16th Lego Birthday Play Set
    Mini Lego parade. Includes lego float complete with 16 yr old minifig in polkadot versace dress. Lions and tigers not included. Maybe if combo-ed with the Zoo Lego suggestions (which are REALLY sweet by the way.)

  60. Dr. X

    Oooh, How about a politicians theme? There could be courts, judges, a jury stand, and it could be modular! Also house of Congress, Lawyers… oh yeah. Epic win.

  61. Shannon Ocean

    Hey guys. I just wanna echo what Mike (July4) said and introduce kids to environmental themes in Lego town sets (“Lego-ECO Town”). Apart from his ideas I would suggest:

    Idea 1: Eco-house
    Perhaps upgrading the Creator house to include solar panels, vegie garden, rain water tank, etc?

    Idea 2: Recycling plant
    A large set where waste is brought, sorted and recycled into useful items.

    Idea 3: Wind turbine farm
    Solar power is a good idea but I think large turbines would be more fun for kids to play with?

    Cheers ~ Shannon

  62. Shannon Adams

    Name of the theme: [Haunted House]

    Short description of the theme:
    My 7 year old is always using his lego and castle pieces to create haunted houses. We would definitely buy a lego haunted house set.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Haunted Mansion.


    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Graveyard with trees, gravestones, creepy zombies (oh my god, Lego zombies!!!).———————————————————–


    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Frankensteins laboratory. A mad scientist with a laboratory and strange monsters.

  63. dingoh-oh

    OK, enough with the eco-stuff. this is NOT the world we live in. we can’t lead 5 year olds to believe that the world is safe and secure. we need to teach them the realities so that they no they need to pay attention and school so they can fix what’s wrong.

    Name of the theme: [Lego Real World]

    Short description of the theme:
    My 3 yr old loves duplo but never cleans them up

    Possible set idea #1 (nuclear waste dump):
    Many bright green pieces. Open box and dump it all on the floor. the instruction sheet has no building instructions. it just tells the kid to pick up the ‘nuclear waste’ and put it back in the box.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description): lego trash heap
    A heap of lego trash. random pieces that show kids trash is useless, so they should be more resourceful. you can’t do anything with this set, thus forcing kids to ‘recycle’ the pieces into their own set.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):garbage truck team
    Comes with 3 lego trucks that haul your random pieces back to the toy bin! haha! wow!.

    and always remember REUSE REFUSE RECYCLE REBUILD

  64. Neel

    A bus depot with bricks that can make (obviously) many types buses and other vehicles. Sounds simple.

    A clockwork motor that can fit on any vehicle. Green idea :)

  65. Matthewsamuel

    Name of the theme: [LEGO City Theme Park]

    Short description of the theme:
    A Theme Park where sets can be combined with other sets to make a giant theme park.
    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    A Rollercoaster – the biggest set with a long track and power functions on it somehow to make the rollercoaster work.
    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    A Ghost train – quite a large set but with, again, power functions on it to make it really work. Light and sound on it too.
    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    A small Zoo – LEGO City Theme park will be like Flamingo Land with animals and attractions.

    There would obviously be more sets, but these would be the basic ones.

  66. Shannon Ocean

    Oh, “dingoh-oh” sorry, I thought this was a serious forum with intelligent suggestions. Silly me.

  67. phrawggmak

    Name of theme: infrastructure:

    possible set idea #1: power plant no.1
    A simpsons-style nuclear plant with cooling towers and control room suites and the obligatory administration building and parking lot with boss’s car.

    possible set idea #2: wind farm.
    Three wind towers with a converter station and maintenance truck.

    Name of theme: coast guard (different than whats been produced already)

    set idea #1: coast guard cutter:
    using a freighter-sized hull in medium gray, it would be a massive cutter based on ships like the USS Cyclone class, with a ramp at the stern for an inflatable raft, a bow gun turret (hey other lego themes use guns right?), radar tower, and other thematically appropriate essentials.

    Gray hulls would be popular in the Lego fan community because many of us build military themed models.

    A model for the transport theme: Ferry:
    A wide-hulled floating ship that could carry cars. Modeled in either white or blue or both.

    a model idea for the town itself: city hall:
    a great big building with columns and offices and an assembly hall where lawmakers can make laws for Lego people to follow.

  68. dingoh-oh

    Shannon Ocean
    This is a serious forum, so please refrain from any sarcasm. I’m sorry if I offended your ideas.
    P.s. I thought mine were pretty intelligent, taking lego play to the next level.

  69. bob rufferten

    Would my kid want to learn about laws, infrastructure, manufacturing, and the environment? NO! He’s 7 yrs old! All he wants is the lego man to take the lego mail to the post office! Maybe a police station to catch the lego terrorist for mailing anthrax that killed the postman. You know, keep it simple.

    >>Theme: Lego Simpletown

    >>Set One: Postoffice
    Pretty self explanatory. I think the LEGO group can figure this out for themselves.

    >>Set Two: Police Station
    With a jail, that’s key. Maybe with reinforced bricks. Something my kid can’t actually take apart. WHEN THE BAD GUYS GO TO JAIL THEY STAY IN JAIL

    >>Set Two: Drug Store
    Like a LEGO 7-11. Except with a different name to avoid subliminal messaging. Kids don’t need that stuff.

  70. PonchoPenguin

    @ JK, yeah, that’s true.
    So, we could have WW2 Panzer IVs, as long as they fight [insert sth bad like goblins/dinos/aliens here].
    But srsly, I say TLC has to make at least some military vehicles. What about a Fire truck creator set, having as alternate models a tank and a Self-Propelled Gun :P

  71. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    Dingoh-oh, forgive me for saying this, but TLC only makes sets that SELL. Seriously, would you actually PAY for trash? TLC wants money-making suggestions, not ideas worse than Galidor! I’m all for the environment; I’m a vegan, too, so I don’t see why should LEGO purposely make garbage. Their quality is falling already; they don’t need to give any more incentives to fill up our landfills!

  72. JK

    @ Andrew : I don’t want to discuss this to death, but if lego made Dino attack they should make military. the dino attac figures have bullets and kinves on their torsos and the helicopter set i loaded with guns. Maybe if the setes are no based completeley on real military vehicles, the would make it. THey could even give the figures megaphone blasters if the want (since people can go to brickarms.) But lego should consider lego military (they could call it something appropriate like city Defanse) since so many other bulding block companies Made military sets.

    ANYWAY,Since my last idea seems odd, i have some other ideas :

    Name of the theme: [ spaceport ]

    Short description of the theme:
    like the airport theme, but with spaceships

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    A spaceport, it has a number of ships (private planes, space shuttle like ships etc.) maybe a tiltrotor plane to take people to the airport. number of ground vehicles and ground crew ($70)

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    A cargo hauler ship (inspired by rebel transport?) has cargo containers with stuff (cars and random bricks n’ stuff) inside that hook to a central frame ($30)

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    A Private space plane (like virgin galactic spaceship one) with four or so figs ($20)

    Since space travel is becoming mor popular it would be a good theme to make

  73. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    Oh, and my ideas :) :
    Name of the theme: [Civilians]

    Short description of the theme:
    Almost all of TLC’s CITY sets are either vehicles or headquarters for rescue/law-keeping. Where do the people get hurt? Where are the jewelery stores/museums in which the crooks BECOME crooks? Where are the flaming buildings for the firemen to put out?

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    A furnished home, with instructions and parts to rebuild iinto a burning house. Must include many fire pieces, and parts for the smoke.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Several modular sets to create your own mall! arrange and rearrange the various shops to create a unique mall.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    An office building/school, with cubicles/classrooms.

  74. Berntsen

    Name of the theme: [Industrial]

    Short description of the theme:

    The life of a minifig isn’t all playing around, they have jobs just like the rest of us! And I guess not everyone is a doctor or policeman or fireman, right?
    I’d like to see some sets from the outskirts of LEGO City, namely the industrial areas. Processing plants, powerplants, smelting plants… which could feature new bricks, such as new and more complicated types of pipes, valves, industrial fans, canisters, etc. etc.


    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):

    Metal Processing Plant – a huge factory, with conveyor belts (using this brick, perhaps: ) that are movable, either via a motor, or manually using gears. Pipe-systems, a control room, huge smelting pots etc. could be found here.


    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):

    Hydroelectric Power Station – not a dam-size power station, but something smaller. A turbine / generator is of course compulsory:


    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):

    Warehouse – a small set, with a small building, some crates, and a forklift – and not one that consists of five parts wheels, thank you.


  75. phrawggmak

    re: spaceport how about a modern day version. In the 90’s TLC sold a spaceshuttle and launch pad set. I say they should do an updated one, a bit bigger, with a more elaborate launch pad and control center. Another set could have a rocket to launch either a space capsule and/or satelite and to make it cooler it could be made to look like a soyuz rocket.

  76. Andrew Post author

    @ All: Reminder: Please post your suggestions in the format I provided. I won’t be able to pass along suggestions that don’t fit that format.

  77. phrawggmak

    possible theme idea: space center/space port;
    set idea: space shuttle launch pad:
    like TLC’s 1990’s space shuttle set but more elaborate, including a more complicated shuttle and launch pad as well as control bunker.

    set idea no.2: rocket launch pad:
    A russian style launch pad with the raising arms to brace the rocket when erect. Atop the rocket could go either a space capsule or a satelite.

  78. Dr. X

    I agree with JK on the Dino attack thing. Just look a this: Now is that Military or is that military? Not to mention all the weapons in Dino Attack. So I have an idea. How about some UCS-like models (like that Sopwith and the Red Baron) of Modern Military aircraft, but not on Minifig scale? I guess this doesn’t really fit into town… OH, wait! There can be Models of planes that are civilian! So it would be UCS City avaition! Here’s the idea for the theme, In Proper Format. (IPF)

    Name of theme: Ultimate Collector Series Aviation

    Short Description of theme: Would include all kinds of planes, civilian and military, WW1 era to modern, on a UCS scale. A bit like the 787 Dreamliner, I loved that set. And the fighters don’t have to have weapons, also, even if the Sopwith Camel did.

    Possible set idea #1: Blue Angels Airshow Team
    This would be a great set, it’s not military or violent but it’s still military planes! Would include 1-2 F/A-18 Hornets, in blue of course, and it’s as simple as that. Price would be around 40-80$, depending on how big it ends up being. (Either the same scale as the Sopwith or the 787)

    Possible set idea #2: Cessna 150
    The classic civilian 2-seater, and the 3rd most produced civilian aircraft. Would be on about the same scale as the Sopwith, Baron and Wright flyer, and might include a spinning propellor and an interior. Not much else to say, but it would be a great set! Price would be around 40-80$.

    Possible set idea #3: F-117 Nighthawk
    This would be a GREAT set, and probably a high seller due to it’s popularity in culture. It would include possibly some new slope/window pieces, and would have an interior and possibly an opening bay underneath, with weapons or without. Lego might decide to skip this one, because of it’s modern military nature.

    Possible set idea #4: P-51 Mustang
    The classic american WW2 fighter. This might be a better idea than the last one, because it isn’t so modern and therefore less real in the minds of children, even though this theme is UCS and might be aimed a bit more towards adults. Might or might not have machine guns, maybe working elevators/ailerons, and possibly a new bubble canopy piece. Again, on the same scale as the Sopwith. Price would be 50-80$.

    Other possible sets:
    Boeing 747
    Many others

    I think this would be a GREAT theme, even if only a few sets were made. I also think that many AFOLs out there would buy these sets, and even kids too. (I got my first UCS at age 9)

    This would be a great theme/set(s).

    –Dr. X

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  80. JK

    Alright, to calm this conflict down, ithink w should go with dr. X but also, change it from military to city protection force or something and include villans like thos in the agents line.

    This will be my last theme sugestion, and is what lego should consider as a military alternative:
    Name of the theme: city defenders

    Short description of the theme:
    These sets would inclue solders with lego’s CURRENT arsenel of “weapons” that fight evil (ex: giant robots, Aliens, Super villans etc.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    A Tank- Like vechice (not opened aired like dino attack) with rotating turret and flick fire missiles. it faceas a giant iron robot with an exploding play feature (think iron Giant) comes with some minifigs

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    A naval ship with firing missles faces a dangerous sea creature, the ship has a landing helicopter and som figures (some naval) and looks like a modern destoyer (kinda like what dr. x stated)


    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    a small radar dish with a figure and some evil villan (think spyclops) theres also a truck (to tow it and Tools)

    Hopefully, this will convince some of those against military to reconsider (or at least lighten up) baisiclally, i just want another dino attack like series not comething with morbidity in it ( i Like war stuff to, but not all the horrific scense decribed in the pool entry above.

  81. Dr. X

    @Post before JKs: I don’t think Lego should release stuff on war like that, look at my UCS theme idea. It’s not disturbing, weaponized, or even violent. My original military theme idea, though, is a bit more… anyway, I think JK’s idea would be better for minifig scale, but the UCS is probably more likely though.

    PS: Nice idea JK, sea monsters and giant robots are a good idea for enemies!

  82. Brickhead

    Starbucks NO

    McDonalds NO

    Coca Cola Factory and delivery trucks NO

    Lego is a European company trying to cater to the whole world not just the USA stop trying to Americanise Lego, there is a whole world out there not just one country with 4% of the worlds population trying to dictate to rest of us 96% that is on how to live and what to buy. Why not have Chavez/Castro Petrochemicals Oil Rig, Saddams Pharmaceuticals Factory or Bin Laden Airways 737, would you AFOLs in the US like to buy these sets I doubt it very much so lets keep Lego as Lego not just another conquest of cultral imperialism that the US tries to push on the rest of the world.

  83. Ben B.

    Lego Downtown Living

    These sets would have many minifigs to each set, while showing other parts of a minifig’s life, such as where they live, eat, and how they spend their time out of the apartment.

    #1. Apartment- This set would come with 3-5 minifigs and show their living spaces. One idea is that each set could be a different layout or be more luxurious, and you could fit them together to make one big apartment complex!

    #2. Restaurant- A large, very fancy restaurant, complete with waiters in tuxedos and a kitchen in the back.

    #3. Bank- A medium sized set with buisness offices, a drive thru bank window, tellers at a counter, and a vault with lots of money.

  84. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    I agree, but they should still create “generic” coffee shops, restaurants, stores, et ceterae…

  85. nicks99w

    Name of the theme: [ city ]

    Short description of the theme:

    thing we need in town

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    how about a car dealship with a few cars and an office building maybe with bay window and all with 4×6 windows and doors two storys with sliding windows to let cars in all on a dk grey 32×32 baseplate
    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    an intgrated road system like freeways maybe raod baseplates that have studs only on one side to dubble up to make two lanes in both directions

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    all so would like to see more down town building (differant kinds of business like jewelers,bank,high class restauants,real state,glass shop,hardware shop)

  86. nolnet

    I agree with all of your ideas regarding the civillian life in lego city. But 5- to 8-yaer-old kids don’t visit coffee shops, bars or internet cafes, do they? What about a theme depicting the life of an ordinary-standard-family-role-play-day-life… sorta thing? Like diddly said, with Mom, Dad, two kids and a pet. Like Belleville, only without all the pink “girls-only” barbie kind of fashion.

    Name of the theme: Family

    Short description of the theme: Every day life in a simple family. Members of the minifig family should look different from set to set. So for example you wouldn’t get several identical fathers but could extend your family with uncles, grandfathers or older brothers.

    Possible set idea #1 smallest
    Four minifigs
    (male, female, two kids) plus dog and cat

    Possible set idea #2 small
    Family Car.
    A minivan perhaps. One or two minifigs, but space to fit in four people.

    Possible set idea #3 small
    Sandpit, swing, bench, granny/grampa, kids

    Possible set idea #4 medium
    Office for no particular job, with two desks, computers and stuff. One male and one female minifig (so you can decide, wether mom or dad or both go to work)

    Possible set idea #5 medium
    blackboard, maps, teacher, and a bunch of kids

    Possible set idea #6 large
    Fast Food Restaurant (Families have to eat, and we are talking to culidren here after all)
    No particular brand, just the usual counter, seats and stuff. Perhaps it comes with a drive-thru and and a vehicle?

    Possible set idea #7 large
    Shelves, cash register, shopping carts, customers, parking lots, …

    Possible set idea #8 the big one
    Furnished Play house
    room for everyone, focus on playability, not architectual accuracy, a whole minifig family inside.

  87. Mike

    Name of the theme: [ ECO-LEGO City]

    Short description of the theme:
    Taking a look at the classic LEGO City sets with a hint towards the eco-friendliness of the modern world.

    Possible set idea #1 (Small City sets with a modern look to them):
    Updating sets like the classic: 6373, 6391, 6362, 1966 or 6369, and 6689. Smaller sets like: 6601, 6622, 6694, and 6691 could be updated to be more modern looking while maintaining the feel of these classics.

    Possible set idea #2 (Med-sized City sets with updated alternitive energy sources added):
    I’m thinking about LEGO sets like: 6375, 6383, 6371 (yeah I know another gas station), but with features like LEGO wind mill generators and solar panels on their roofs.

    Possible set idea #3 (Larger LEGO Sets again updated to the more Eco-friendly and modern look):
    I’m thinking along the lines of great sets like: 6390, 6393, or even combine sets like 6990 (with a city theme instead of space) and add to it linkable sets like:7824, 7866, 4513, 10027, 6376, and 6396 (but updated to fit with the mono-rail system)

    Shoot that could even have upgradible sets like added cars, tracks, service vehicles ect ect.

    ***Foot Note***
    I should have had this as my first posting since it uses examples for people to use to better understand what I’m trying to convey.

  88. Brickule

    This is something I think is strange that Lego has gone without, me and my family love animals, and think it would be great if TLC began making Zoo sets.

    Name of theme: Lego City Zoo

    Description: Various sets with different animals, Zoo keepers, and visitors. Zookeeper accessories could include, nets, feed buckets, and other things, Visitor accessories could include small handheld cameras, umbrellas.

    Possible set idea #1 Creepy Crawlies Hut.
    A building with glass boxes with scorpions, spiders, Giant Ants, frogs, rats, and snakes. Could come with one zookeeper, and two visitors.

    Possible set idea #2 Marine Life Aquariums
    A couple of large glass aquariums, full of sharks, dolphins, octopuses, Jelly fish, crabs, fish, clams, starfish, and manta rays. Could come with 2 zookeepers (one in scuba gear), and 2-4 visitors.

    Possible set idea #3 Crocodile Pen
    A fenced in set, with plants a pond, a couple of crocodiles, and a minifig that resembles Steve Irwin :)

    Animals that Lego has made: Elephants, polar bears, crocodiles, spiders, scorpions, parrots, owls, bats, sharks, swordfish, dolphins, rats, Fish, jellyfish, crabs, clams, starfish, frogs, horses, giant ants, manta rays, dogs, monkeys, and cats. (I am sure there are others)

    Animals Lego could easily make: bears (simply use the polar bear and change the color), zebras (color a horse white with black stripes), and wolf (easily represented by a light gray or dark grey dog). all these and no Zoo themed sets!?

  89. bidzybaby2007

    Name of the theme: [Futuristic Rainy City]

    Short description of the theme:
    For sets beyond 2010 I foresee Lego sets depicting Street scenes with neon lights, pedestrian crossings and ofcourse floating cars. (like scenes from the film ‘THE FIFTH ELEMENT’ see link attached)

    Possible set idea #1: ‘Lego City Car Park’ with parking spaces available to cater for all kinds of floating vehicles. (similar to image link)

    Possible set idea #2 ‘Pedestrian Crossing’ set with minifigures with umberella’s: This could be a bridge or simply recreate road markings using lego bricks and a baseplate with battery powered lights illumintating the crossing.

    Possible set idea #3: ‘Lego Metropolis’ Tall Office buildings complete with light-up neon signs. All battery powered. Lego lights being a major theme. The idea being – you can build your own personalised neon signs and have different animation lighting modes. (similar to a Christmas tree light setting.)


  90. Amoeba

    Name of the theme: [Ancient Rome]

    Short description of the theme:
    What it says in the title, The Empire of Ancient Rome

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Gladiators – Gladiators fighting in the Colosseum

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Roman Villa – Just a simple roman house with minifigures, furniture and a dog.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Roman Army – A couple of Romans and a couple of Britons. Must include a Julius Caesar and a Boudica minifigure!

  91. Fury_Angel

    Yeah, he is an idiot.
    Name of theme:

    Description of theme:
    An extension on nolnet’s classroom idea; A school

    Possible set idea #1:
    Locker Room
    You get the idea, about 7 minifigs, each with a locker (Ref. Img.:, with books, bags, mirrors, custom decorations and whatever people put into their lockers.

    Possible set idea #2:
    most schools have these, and how cool would some needlessly complicated
    glass tubes, bunsen burners and minifigs in white coats?

    I hope this counts as City, a school is in a city after all.

  92. Andrew Post author

    @Fury_Angel: I was going to chide you for calling Amoeba names, but let’s just say that self-deprecating humor (or humour, as the case may be) is acceptable here. ;-)

  93. Alberto

    What themes would you like to see the City Design team work on? What are the essential models for that theme?

    Name of the theme: [ City Essentials ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Sets need people and accessories, plus
    vehicles that sit not one, but two

    Possible set idea #1 ( TAXI ):
    A first-ever four-seater vehicle of a NYC
    taxi, a taxi driver, and a citizen with lego
    Possible set idea #2 ( Citizen Packs ):
    Boxes that include at least 6 min-figs
    with accessories (not online exclusives,
    not everyone buys online)
    Possible set idea #3 ( short description ):
    Vehicle sets that hold at least two
    mini-figs, like the turbo car in the
    agents theme, accept civilian versions
    that go good with lego city.

  94. Eric Plourde

    Really late but not much time wanted to make sure the suggestions I have were not already there.

    I think that another theme that already exists, inside the “City” theme, is “City Port” and that is the name of the theme. I have seen the new Coast guards sets (that was my initial suggestion) and the ferry boat so this is a product line that always existed in LEGO products and should be expanded

    Name of the theme: [ City Port ]

    Short description of the theme:
    The sets are built for and around the city port, as many big cities and several mid-sized and small cities have waterfronts and port installations. The sets all have at least one boat as the centerpiece

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Tugboat – I think that a makeover of the tugboat set (dating from the beginning of the 80’s) is long overdue and is therefore a small set with 150-250 pieces that is sure to please kids. The set can be a bit larger than the original 80’s version and include tires around the hull, one minifig and introduce an original take on the hauling cable.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    LNG Carrier – to open a gate for the near future, LEGO could integrate this recent technology and introduce new piece designs to build spherical structures, based on the design of the “Arabian” half-dome piece. The set could be fairly large, using the same hull as the sea cargo but in a different color, and having three minifigs (one captain/pilot and two shipmates) – (see this site for examples)

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Barge – two barges that can be linked together, and eventually be pulled by the tugboat. 450-600 pieces They are carrying items such as bicycles, car parts, empty crates, and/or ‘wood planks’ or the like. Four minifigs, two for each barge. The set can also be accompanied by a small green speedboat.

    This theme can include other interesting “collector’s items” — like an icebreaker, a tourist boat — or can link two themes together, for example if there is an oceanography ship with its very own submarine.

    Also, I have a very big request for the LEGO Group, something that has been missing for a long time : How about a BLACK WOMAN minifig? =)

  95. Dan

    What themes would you like to see the City Design team work on? What are the essential models for that theme?
    Name of the theme: [ Creator City ]
    Short description of the theme:
    Parents want to buy basic bricks so kids can build a variety of things. Kids want the cool playsets. Both enjoy the “grow with you” aspect of LEGO – so why not make kits that appeal to both sensibilities? These kits would each be two-in-one sets where one model is closed in and at the correct scale with Cafe Corner and such, and the other model is just the front and sides with an open back. All of these would benefit from having as many people and pieces of furniture as possible, but I’m guessing that that would be cost-prohibitive.
    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Restaurant: Something small (similar to the Pizza To Go set from years back) but with all the bricks needed to close it in. The closed-in model would be roughly the size of pizza to go, but with a door, another roof piece, some basic bricks, and perhaps some other details (other food items, a second oven, a heating vent) added.
    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    City Police Station: The main model would be a large, three-story Police Station with tons of windows, not too different from the sets we’ve seen recently. The other model would be a store-front style inner-city Police Station, two stories tall, completely closed in, and Cafe-Corner scaled. The windows could double as a roof in the model similar to the way they have in recent Police Stations.
    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Bank: I’d like this one to be very large as a “regular” model – a full size banking building at the open-back size, complete with multiple ATMs, a few desks, minifigs, plenty of money (perhaps new denominations?), three stories, 32-studs wide, and a proper vault. The closed-in model would be more of a suburban branch office, with the windows from the facade of the building going all the way around the baseplate, and perhaps even being skylights on the top. All of the other details would fit inside.

    What themes would you like to see the City Design team work on? What are the essential models for that theme?
    Name of the theme: [ People ]
    Short description of the theme:
    Everybody wants more minifigs, and some that are genuinely new and interesting. Here are a few ideas I have on that front. All of these ideas would include children and women, so they should add an element of realism to a town and also appeal to girls (and parents) that want to play with the finished sets.
    I am also picturing these as being high-quality enough and complete enough to later be dropped into adult hobby layouts. Hook ’em while they’re young and all that.
    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Creator House -ready family – I’d recommend making a few of these with different ethnicities. A few accessories and pets could make this even more enticing. I’d even try bundling these with Creator House kits.
    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    A suburban vignette with minifigs – one that seems easy and fun is a lemonade stand staffed by two kids. The stand would have a wooden look, a few cups and chairs, and come with several customers.
    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Larger Kiosk – a city navigation structure of some sort. This would be a medium-sized building designed to work in any sort of town layout, with a lift-off top. I’m picturing something fairly round with various entrances – one “side” could be a hot-dog vendor, another side could have public restrooms, and one side would have a large map and brochures. Perhaps play value could be added by including several blank stickers that kids can easily draw on, allowing them to update the map on the building’s wall periodically.

  96. Dan

    Name of the theme: [ Camping / Scouting]

    Short description of the theme:
    Everybody wants more of the cub scouts from the Green Grocer kit. Boys like the outdoors and camping. The “Extreme Team” kits were a bit too unrealistic to appeal to many people, but a scouting / camping line would probably be a bit more popular. Competition is one thing, but I think roughing it and having run-ins with wild animals is more along the lines of what people would like.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    People pack – this would be a simple community-service themed kit, featuring several children and a few adult leaders, a toolbox, and enough yellow or tan pieces to build a small bridge. A small “river” of some sort could be included to make this more interesting – either a printed baseplate or just a cardboard backdrop.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Camp playset – this would be much like the current Indiana Jones camp, but with more realistic elements. A few tents, a campfire, and a small troop of scouts are the must-have elements in a line like this. Throw in some food items and some black bears, and this is hours of fun all by itself.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Mountain climbing kit – Much like the current Agents Volcano Base, but with the mountain panels being more of a solid backdrop instead of walls for a secret venue. A small cave could be included somewhere along the way (perhaps with animals) to make this more interesting. This is another kit with pretty wide potential -lots of large rock pieces, cords, climbing equipment, distinctive minifigs, and basic bricks in earth tones. An alternate model could be included, show how to make the same pieces into caves with hideouts.

    Name of the theme: [Functional City ]

    Short description of the theme:
    This would be similar to the 9V Dacta house kits released in the 80s – teach kids how to add light, sound, and motion to their town buildings. Power functions could be included – I don’t know what’s coming for future Power Functions elements, but I’m guessing that some small light elements, sound elements, and motors could be counted on. I’d love to see a WeDo tie-in here as well, encouraging people to design their models in Digital Designer, test out ideas on the computer, and then have them run automatically in the physical city buildings based on events on the computer (who wouldn’t love to show off a LEGO city that lights itself up at night?).

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Street car – This doesn’t need to be quite as advanced as the monorail or train kits – just a simple set-up with a motor and a polarity switch. When it hits the end of the track, it turns around. A version that stops so people can board the trolley would be even more exciting, but probably too complicated to do at kid-friendly price point.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Light-up house – Although lights as accessory kits are equally important, I think a set similar to the current Beach House kit with a few easily-controlled working light fixtures would be a sure hit. If this were tried at more of a high-end price point, an automatic garage door opener would be another great feature. I seem to recall the DACTA kits using solar panels and including light-up stoves – I think all of those old ideas are brilliant, and if there’s any way to bring them to a broader audience, I’d love to see it.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Large multi-set – Does anyone else remember the old 9V 7 Basic Town kit from the early 90’s? I’m picturing something like that, but done in an excessive way. Put together a decent set of basic bricks in realistic colors – reds, dark oranges, sand blues and the like – include a large amount of windows, doors, and PF elements, and skip a regular instruction book in favor of featuring an idea book showing ways to set up different features. Include a CD that allows this “Town Plan” style kit to be automated from a computer. Show how to use translucent bricks to make a coffeemaker start on queue, or to make bustling traffic sounds start at a given time. Include enough lights to make two rooms light up in each color scheme – perhaps use a light brick similar to the ones used for cars and spaceships in the late 80’s, so that a single light piece could shine on two sides of the same wall (the piece I’m thinking of was like a 1×4 plate, but with lights on the two sides and contacts in the middle and underneath). At least one motor is a must – show how to make a garage door that moves, or a helicopter on top of a building that can really spin it’s rotors. I’d include two city road plates in here, and encourage people to put buildings directly in front of the road – essentially this would be an Power Functions electronics kit designed to jump-start kids on making exciting models with lights and motion, but the city scape appearance would make it more appealing to parents who aren’t sure if their kids are ready for this yet.

  97. Dan

    Name of the theme: [Scenery ]

    Short description of the theme:
    Trees, shrubs, and other such details are needed to round out towns and cities. It shouldn’t be too hard to make kits that are meaningful and not just Shop-at-Home exclusive accessory packs in this arena.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Hedge Trimmer – Small kit with one minifig, and a few tools – a hedge trimmer and a lawn mower, or something else along those lines. He’d be accompanied by a reasonably-sized green baseplate, a handful of green basic bricks and plates, a few small tiles and plates to behave as dirt, stones, or walkways, and a pile of trees and shrubs. A kit like this would have amazing potential for repeat-buying – pretty much any parent who sees their kid put these parts to good use will want to grab a few more to expand the town.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Park – This would be a great set for girls in particular – a few happy minifigs, maybe a slide or merry-go-round could be included. The big things to include here is a nice green 16×32 baseplate, basic bricks and plates in earth tones (green, reddish brown, light and dark stone), and plenty of plants. I’d like to see a nice decorative arbor included here, and perhaps even a gazebo.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Beautified City Scene – Give little kids that parts they need to make a modern, super-pretty city scene. I’m picturing a set of custom roadplates with an island in the middle – the islands would include various flowerbeds, trees, street signs, and other detail-oriented parts. The roadside could include larger flower beds, a “Welcome to LEGOLAND” sign of some sort, and a few nice kiosks to put around the town – a happy smiling food vendor, a few goods vendors. The big thing to include here is special parts to round out a city – roadplates, signs, trees, awnings, and macaroni bricks that can be filled with mulchy-areas.

    Name of the theme: [Roadside Shops]

    Short description of the theme:
    A variety of stores for a town. There are some obvious problems here – licensing real store names takes time and money. I think fun could be had here, though! Again, this is a theme that appeals as much to parents and little girls as to little boys – but that’s the type of variety us town fans need.

    Possible set idea #1 (with short description):
    Drive Thru – a small drive-thru restaurant or laundromat. A small car and tiny storefront could probably be done for under $10.

    Possible set idea #2 (with short description):
    Medium-sized store – something that looks like a real store. A kinkos, a convenience store, an electronics store, a car dealership (or is that what Brick Street Customs is supposed to be?) – you get the idea. Something ordinary.

    Possible set idea #3 (with short description):
    Large, licensed store – OK, so you can’t count on getting a particular license to build a town model around. What sort of license would you need to make a LEGO model of a LEGO store? I’d like to see this done in a serious way – a nice, large set with a pick-brick section on the wall and tiles that look like LEGO sets. Nothing’s more exciting that the meta aspect of LEGO people playing with LEGO parts!

  98. Andrew Post author

    Thanks to everyone for all your great ideas!

    I’ll be putting all of these together this weekend and sending them to LEGO.

    I’m going to close comments on this post, since we won’t be able to accept any more suggestions on this past today. I’m sure there will be many more opportunities for readers of The Brothers Brick to make suggestions to LEGO through our resident Ambassadors.

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