Hiccup in LEGO Ambassadors selection process [News]

Those of you who submitted your nominees to LEGO for the upcoming cycle of the LEGO Ambassadors program may have received the following e-mail in the last 24 hours:

Dear e-mailer, we have a current active Ambassador cycle 08/09 so you sent a mail outside the nominations time frame.

Please be aware that we are not accepting any nominations now and that nobody is reading the sent e-mail.

Do not panic! LEGO was moving our e-mail messages between folders and accidentally triggered this auto-response. If you submitted your nominations on time, rest assured they were received and you don’t need to worry.

Incidentally, LEGO received more than 100 nominations from 52 communities in 22 countries, so the selection process has been a pretty big task. However, the new LEGO Ambassadors should be announced this week.