A classic dilemma

Master craftsman Jojo illustrates a fairly classic dilemma for LEGO builders: form over function or function over form. The differences are, for the most part, subtle but the ‘form over function’ design is definitely a little prettier.

Jojo's Form over Function

Jojo's Function over Form

11 comments on “A classic dilemma

  1. SavaTheAggie

    The only thing I can think of is that the Fuction over Form version has a working tailgate that, in order for it to work, necessitates using smaller wheels and a taller tailgate. Whereas the Form over Function version can use the larger wheels but the wheel plate takes up the space where the hinge would have gone.

  2. Gambort Post author

    It looks to me like the front end is different too, probably because the ‘function’ version is stronger. I know my cars tend to have to lose a little hidden SNOT if I want them to roll.

  3. Sibley

    This old thread appears to be about this MOC. The description given seems to match though the original imagines are missing. So Memory’s assessment was exactly right.

  4. Nannan

    I can’t tell which one emphasizes form and which one functionality. It’s like those “find the differences” pictures, they look the same to me sometimes :)

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