LEGO Ambassadors announced for 2008-2009 [News]

LEGO Community Team member Steve Witt has just announced the LEGO Ambassadors for the 2008-2009 cycle.

Read the full announcement here (and note the bolded names):

We’re excited to announce the new group of LEGO Ambassadors who will be representing the AFOL Community to the LEGO Group. We had nearly 100 nominations and the choices were hard. We settled on the following forty participants for this year’s cycle. Please congratulate the following new LEGO Ambassadors.

John Langrish, Canada – VicLUG
Milcan Bikics, Hungary – MALUG
Didier Enjary, France – Railbricks, FreeLUG
Patrick Begin, Canada – QueLUG
Verena Schaden, Austria – LGOe
Svend Erik Saksun, Denmark – Byggepladen
David Eaton, USA – NELUG
Mike Crowley, USA – FBTB, NELUG
Tsang Yiu Keung, China – HKLUG
Stephan Sander, Germany – 1000steine
Lluis Gibert, Spain – HispaLUG
Tim Gould, Australia – Ldraw, LUGNET, The Brothers Brick
Matjaz Selic, Slovenia – Kocke Klub
Marcin Danielak, Poland – LUGPol,, KMFL
Paul Wolters, the Netherlands – De Bouwsteen
Tony Sava, USA – Classic-Castle, TexLUG
Peer Kreuger, the Netherlands – LowLUG
Dan Rubin, USA – Classic-Space
Jean-Marc Nimal, Belgium – BeLUG
Doug Eaton, USA – ParLUGment
Fradel Gonzales, USA – MechaHub
Jordan Schwarz, USA – TN Valley LTC
Danila Martyakhin, Russia –
Magnus Lauglo, USA – WAMALUG
Steve Barile, USA – GPLR, ILTCO, BrickFest
Aaron Andrews, Australia – Classic-Castle, The Builders Lounge, MOCPages, Flickr
Nannan Zhang, USA – BrickLink, The Builders Lounge, MOCpages, The Brothers Brick
Sue Ann Barber, Australia – Melbourne LUG (MUG)
Ildefonso Zanette, Brazil – LUG Brazil
Tania Baixinho, Portugal – Comunidade 0937
Alistair Disley, UK – the Brickish Association
Fernando Correia, Portugal – PLUG
Matija Puzar, Norway – Brikkelauget
Mickael Sjöstedt, Sweden – Eurobricks
Marco Chiappa, Italy – ItLUG
Andrew Becraft, USA – The Brothers Brick, Flickr, Classic-Castle
Adrian Florea, Romania – FBTB
Keith Goldman, USA – MOCPages
Andrew Bulthaupt, USA – BZPower

Congratulations to all of the new and returning LEGO Ambassadors!

34 comments on “LEGO Ambassadors announced for 2008-2009 [News]

  1. Rocko

    Congratulations to all these guys. Now you can’t publicly have any harsh criticism of Lego’s products or policies without fear of losing your title! ;)

  2. Andrew Post author

    @SavaTheAggie: Heh heh, the bolding was just to note that all four of the six people who got the most votes here on TBB ended up becoming an Ambassador. Congrats, Tony! Your name is bolded in my heart. ;-)

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  4. Andrew Post author

    @Dandily: I’ve fixed your name in the post (and on Flickr). You might also want to contact Steve and make sure it’s correct on his end, too.

  5. Keith G

    Rocko: No title will ever stop me from saying that LEGO needs more females of color in their fine family of minifigs. Nor will I ever stop in my advocacy for the return of the monkey. As a man who love to employ bikini-clad biker-women in his top-notch dioramas, you should appreciate that.

    Congrats to my fellow ambassadors. now who has the key to the ambassadorial restroom?

  6. Nannan

    I’m so glad to see many familiar names make the list. I look forward to a great year.

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  8. Jude

    I love this, Doug Eaton USA – ParLUGment.

    ParLUGment is the club in Ottawa, Canada. ;-)

    Doug has been a member of the club since the early days and just because he and a few others are not in town with us, does not exclude them from membership. Heck, he attends more meetings than others in the group.

    I laugh, but I am glad Doug made it (especially since I endorsed him) and we have him to represent us again.

    Congrats to all!!!

  9. yokomode01

    Congratulations all!
    Quite a few Australians considering we have such a small population base here in this country.
    We must consume a lot of lego® i presume.
    A shame to see some Ambassadors depart, i hope they return in future rounds of the program.
    May you new Ambassadors fill your roles well, for it is we the LUG`s and `fans` that voted for you to represent US, you have become the `channel` of communication between us and the Lego® company.
    It is a `job` like any other, obviously it has it’s `perks`, but it requires more than just sitting back and reviewing new and upcoming product, and i for one will be expecting to see something more than that from future Ambassadors.
    Once again Congratulations!!

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