LEGO Collector’s Guide to be published in August 2008 [News]

Here’s some interesting news from Billund:

LEGO® Collector`s Guide Publishing date: 26.06.08 / LEGO Collector – Premium Edition beginning of August 2008

We are happy to announce that the LEGO Collector’s Guide is about to be launched by Fantasia Verlag GmbH. The confirmed launch date will be the 26.06.08. This bilingual (English/German) catalogue is for the fan and collector alike. It is a high quality product full of details. It comprises around 800 pages presenting nearly all sets produced by the LEGO Group since 1958.

Further, there will be a LEGO Collector – Premium Edition which will be very limited to 3.333 continuously numbered copies. The Premium Edition will be published at the beginning of August 2008 for a price of 39,90€. This high quality catalogue has a hardcover and is presented in a very decorative packaging with exclusive LEGO gimmicks.

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  1. Ryan

    “Further, there will be a LEGO Collector – Premium Edition which will be very limited to 3.333 continuously numbered copies.” Does anyone understand this? I don’t think they would really make only three and one third premium books. …Or am I reading it wrong?

  2. Chris Edwards

    In Europe, commas and periods are switched when used in numbers. This means three thousand, three hundred, and thirty-three. Three and a third would be written as 3,333.

  3. Spad 2972

    Any Idea whether this will be available in the US and price in US Dollars. If my math is right, direct conversion from euro would put this at over $60 (US) which is pretty high for a book.

  4. Ramone

    “If my math is right, direct conversion from euro would put this at over $60 (US) which is pretty high for a book.”

    ….well, it is a “Premium” Edition for “collectors” after all.

  5. Paul Lee

    There was a report saying that an American edition was also planned for this book to be published later in 2008. Is that still true? Or should we start making calls to German bookstores?

  6. Von Goyle

    I would love to pay $60 for a book I WANT to read! Ever buy college books? I did back in ’92 and even then I was paying that much. Yeah, somewhere between 1 and 3,333 is my copy, wonder which one it will be.

  7. Paul Lee

    This link is to the German Publisher’s translated web page regarding the the catalog. To be clear, there appears to be 2 versions of the catalog. A regular edition and the Premium Collector’s Limited edition. The Regular Edition is available as of tomorrow. Priced at $22.90 plus tax. Uncertain if that is in Euros or Dollars. And also uncertain about if they ship to the U.S. The regular edition does not appear to be limited.

  8. Andrew Post author

    I asked Jan Beyer from LEGO if there were plans to release this outside Europe, and he said that the German publisher was still looking into it.

    The lack of a definitive “No” is certainly good news, but it still remains to be seen whether this will get released in places like North America and Asia.

  9. Paul Lee

    I’m not a bells and whistles kind of guy, so I’m more than happy to score a regular edition for $35. I have a friend who visits every year from Denmark, so I’m going to see if I can get him to bring me one.

  10. David

    You can’t just do a convert of USD to Euros, that’s not how companies work.

    And I thought it was already said that this book would be in the USA for about $35, I remember saying / thinknig “That’s not a bad price for 800 color pages”.

  11. Ryan

    Hmm… If I get the standard edition, then I might regret it in August and wish I had waited for the special edition. It depends on what the “exclusive LEGO gimmicks” are… Any ideas (besides the hard cover)?

  12. mlambie

    I just bought the collector’s copy and it was AU$108 delivered to West Perth, Western Australia. Postage was 25 Euros.

  13. mlambie

    @Ryan: Sure thing, give me a few months for it to arrive.

    I should have been clearer: I ordered this book a few hours ago after seeing this post :)

  14. Paul Lee

    I’ll be getting the standard edition July 17th. I’ll post a review when I get it if it isn’t already well covered by the blogosphere by then.

  15. Ruben Kremer

    I just ordered a premium version. I’ll probably kind’of forget about it during the summer – so I’ll be pleasantly surprised somewhere in august! If not … still nice.. .

    Just like you’re all saying – I’m somewhat curious about what those gimmicks will be. I guess I’ll find out when the time comes… ;-)

  16. SlyOwl

    It arrived today; a few thoughts:
    -It’s great, and really useful ;-)
    -Only took 6 days to come
    -When they say catalogue, they mean catalogue
    -Postage is very steep – almost half cost of book
    -Index of keychains and service packs *groans*

    Full review on Eurobricks.

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