Joel Johnson’s visit to Syd Mead’s house turns up unique Technic Spinner

Boing Boing Gadgets contributor Joel Johnson recently visited futurist Syd Mead‘s house. Mead is of course renowned for the designs he’s contributed to many of our favorite movies, including the Spinner from Blade Runner.

Joel reports that LEGO presented a special LEGO Technic Spinner to Mead when the legendary designer visited the company. The Technic Spinner now occupies a place of prominence in Mead’s house:

Joel — who got to swoosh this beauty around — has a couple more pictures on BB Gadgets. I wonder if LEGO has built many other one-of-a-kind creations for geeky luminaries…

LEGO Spinners featured previously on The Brothers Brick:

4 comments on “Joel Johnson’s visit to Syd Mead’s house turns up unique Technic Spinner

  1. Mike

    Hey yeah, I remember when Syd was always hanging around at Lego, I always wondered what would come of it. As far as I know I don’t think anything ever did. At the time I was really hoping it meant that there would be Lego TRON lightcycles coming along further down the line, but that was probably unrealistic.

    But seriously, who sees a Recognizer and doesn’t instantly think of Lego?

  2. Cargo

    I would kill my mom for that spinner.

    Okay, maybe not KILL, that’s a little much. But I’d consider it.

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