Reminder: Testimonials needed for LEGO Ambassador nominees

As the LEGO Ambassadors nomination process winds down between now and Saturday night, one of the last steps in the process is to collect at least three testimonials from fellow community members about each nominee.

In online LEGO communities all over the ‘net, meeting this requirement is proving harder than anticipated. We all made our voices heard with our suggestions and votes, but with less than 48 hours to go, it’s time to take that next step and say something nice about your potential LEGO Ambassadors. :-)

Flickr | Nominees:

  • Aaron “DARKspawn” Andrews
  • Andrew “Dunechaser” Becraft
  • Nannan “Nannan Z” Zhang

Builders Lounge (requires membership) | Nominees:

  • Aaron Andrews
  • Don Wilson
  • Nannan Zhang

The Brothers Brick | Nominees (links go to bio posts, where you can post your testimonials): | Nominees:

  • Aaron Andrews
  • Andrew Becraft
  • Anthony Sava | Nominee discussion taking place concurrently with testimonials. | Nominees:

  • Aaron Sneary
  • Ley Ward

Eurobricks | Nominees (voting still ongoing):

  • Steve “Athos” Bishop
  • “Captain Green Hair”
  • “Jinzoningen”
  • Mark “Hinckley” Larson
  • Sam89
  • “Sinner”

FBTB Forums | Nominees:

  • Adrian Florea
  • Mike Crowley
  • Nannan Zhang

LUGNET Nominees:

  • Doug Eaton
  • Teddy Welsh
  • Tim Gould


  • Keith Goldman
  • Nannan Zhang
  • Aaron Andrews

I’m off to follow my own advice and write a bunch of testimonials now. ;-)

10 comments on “Reminder: Testimonials needed for LEGO Ambassador nominees

  1. Andrew Post author

    @Riley: I don’t frequent myself, so I’m not aware of where the discussion is going on there. Can you post a link?

    @DarKspaWn: No problem. ;-)

    @Nannan: Awesome. Thanks!

  2. linmix

    This is quite incredible. The same people running for nomination on several sites?!?

  3. Andrew Post author

    @ Riley & Ean: Thanks! I’ll update the post shortly.

    @linmix: Just to clarify, nominees aren’t really “running” in the political sense. In nearly every case, communities actively and independently chose people who they felt would best represent them as LEGO Ambassadors. Speaking of the other multi-nominees and not myself (yes, I’m up there three times), it says how broad an impact these people have and how much support they have across several communities.

    (I was personally asked to stand as a nominee in at least two other communities but declined in order to let others represent those communities.)

  4. Andrew Post author

    Thanks to everybody who contributed nominee suggestions, votes, and testimonials, we’ve sent our LEGO Ambassador nominations to LEGO.

    I’ll post something separately shortly.

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