It’s rare that I find trains with photographs I really consider blogworthy (which is a shame because there’s so many out there that are excellent and I’d love to blog but can’t). Today I’ve found two.

Anthony Sava provides the second great locomotive of the day with his rendition of the BM&R #425. The blue design is very striking and the detailing is top-notch. Perhaps most worthy of note, is the boiler design featuring the ubiquitous cheese slopes with a single tile between them.

Anthony Sava's BM&R #425

PS. Excuse the repeated bad pun.

1 comment on “BM&Rstorming

  1. pe668

    Well the cheese slop boiler is novel and very effective. But the clever part of the design is how he has dealt with the very tight lego radius curve.

    Steam trains with a front 4 wheels are difficult to boggie around the piston, but in this case there is only the centre wheels in the 6 group with a wheel flange.

    Yes it makes the arse of the loco stick out but it means it can run 4-6-2 on lego rail, bravo, great design.

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