Minifig? Microfig! More info about Reiner Knizia’s LEGO board game

LEGO have just passed on a series of images promoting the new series of award-winning board games, including Ramses’ Pyramid by Reiner Knizia. The microfigures are utterly adorable and the tile with stud in center should be a great piece for all builders.

6 comments on “Minifig? Microfig! More info about Reiner Knizia’s LEGO board game

  1. Motor.On

    I hope these become available on this side of the pond. Otherwise, I’ll have to order 2 or 3 from Europe, which would be annoying. (1 to use as a board game, and 1-2 for parts, of course)

  2. David4

    As everyone else on Flickr is wondering, do the cool little minifigures have a removable head? I loved the old Racer sets that had the pull back motors because they had the half guys with neat heads.

  3. W. Eric Martin

    As I noted in a February 2009 news item on, the U.S. division of LEGO had no plans to release this series of ten games. While the company might have changed its plans since that time, for now the games will be released only in Europe, with August 2009 being the release date scheduled.

    Eric Martin

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