This LEGO Halo diorama takes us back to the classics

This awesome diorama from Halo will take you right back to the LAN party circa 2001, thanks to @dp_studios_

The Halo ring world has us all running in circles

Ralf Langer (@ranghaal) seeks inspiration from techniques he has used before to craft this stunning Halo ring world.

Feel the dominating presence of this Halo mech

Zio Chao (@zio_creation) has created this striking Lego interpretation of the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark II [J] Colossus mech from Halo Wars 2 . Watch out for that railgun.

LEGO Halo fan spends 5 years designing & building 7-foot UNSC heavy frigate from 25,000 bricks [Exclusive]

Steve Witt (@stevefromouterspace) has finally finished the 5-year odyssey of designing & building a 7-foot-long Paris-class heavy frigate from Halo built from 25,000 LEGO bricks. Check out exclusive photos and builder commentary.

This sinister cephalopod has 8 arms to kill you with

Watch out for this cephalopod commando by Djokson, as it can fit into very small spaces.

Stunning AV-22 Sparrowhawk from Halo Wars

Marius Herrmann treats us to an amazing model of this deadly gunship from Halo Wars.

The notoriously overpowered Halo magnum replicated in LEGO [Video]

TBB’s own Nick Jensen shows his fandom of Halo with a LEGO Magnum.

UNSC HRUNTING Mark III “Cyclops” exoskeleton from Halo Wars

The “Cyclops” mech appears in the Halo Wars real-time strategy games, reproduced in excellent LEGO form by ZiO Chao. While it may appear rather tiny in the game, seeing it at minifig-scale helps emphasize what a big stompy thing it really is. With an overall dark gray or olive-drab color scheme like most UNSC vehicles, Continue reading →

Drive with reckless abandon in the LEGO Technic Halo Warthog

YouTuber Nico71 presents a LEGO Technic model of the iconic Warthog light recon vehicle from the Halo games. With working quad-wheel steering, RC controlled driving, rotating machine gun turret barrels, and suspension, his Hog truly is beauty and the beast. Watch these and many more impressive functions in the video below. Nico’s Warthog is discussed Continue reading →

Fifteen years of evolved combat: A LEGO Halo roundup

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of both Halo: Combat Evolved and Microsoft’s Xbox console. Halo has had a massive impact on console first person shooters, game storytelling, multiplayer, and sales of the Xbox, but today we’re looking at another aspect of Halo’s influence. We’ve rounded up a small selection of the amazing builds the adventures of Continue reading →

Wearable LEGO ODST helmet from Halo is ready for a combat drop

Ever since I had the chance at Brickworld Chicago 2011 to wear my good friend Ben’s LEGO Master Chief helmet, I wanted to construct a helmet myself. It was far more difficult to build than I expected, and was nothing like building other 1:1 scale builds. I’ve attempted this project before – first time in Continue reading →

Full-size iconic Halo rocket launcher created with LEGO

My passion for LEGO and gaming has resulted in quite an expansive arsenal of gaming weapons, and now I present the most massive of them all: the classic dual-tube rocket launcher from the Halo series in full 1:1 scale. I chose to build the most recent iteration featured in Halo 5: Guardians. It came down Continue reading →