The notoriously overpowered Halo magnum replicated in LEGO [Video]

I grew up playing lots of first-person shooter games. Even with great shooters in recent memory like Titanfall, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Overwatch, my favorite remains the Halo series. There’s nothing too complex about classic Halo multiplayer, which I have always appreciated. To show my fandom of one of my favorite games, I present a LEGO replica of the M6D Magnum from the original Halo: Combat Evolved from 2001.

M6D Magnum - Halo: Combat Evolved

When I build in life-size scale, usually I build for realistic detail. On the LEGO Halo magnum, I decided instead to focus on the in-game look and intentionally built it “low-poly.” I used simple geometry with few curves, flat textures, and any other method I could to make the build look like the magnum did on an original Xbox in 2001. To complete its presentation, I built the original Halo logo to display alongside the magnum.

M6D Magnum - Halo: Combat Evolved

See the moving trigger, removable magazine, and working slide in action in the video below. I also show a few techniques used to achieve the forms I wanted.

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