Feel the dominating presence of this Halo mech

LEGO builder Zio Chao has built this wonderfully detailed mech from the Halo Wars 2 game. The machine is covered in armaments, although its primary weapon appears to be the huge railgun at its shoulder. This Lego version is fully articulated; with a swiveling waist, movable arms, and an interesting gear system at the hips that allows the mech to pose its legs. With some great shaping across the build, Zio Chao has portrayed an excellent rendition of the original design.


The long prominent legs are used to stomp and stun enemies in the game so it seems fitting that they are exquisitely detailed in this model. A gear track piece runs through the middle of each leg adding an extra level of depth to the robotic aesthetic. The feet, although thin and sharp in design, provide enough surface area for the build to maintain its balance.


The reverse side of the model also has some intriguing features, as the backpack features triangular plates placed upon containers, possibly representing an area to store extra ammunition or additional power.


The mech even has a cockpit where a figure can be placed, which is impressive for a model of this size and the addition of this space doesn’t seem to impact the overall structure of the build.


Zio Chan has constructed several impressive Halo-related builds before, but this one of the most striking. If you like this, check out more of our articles on Halo LEGO creations.