This LEGO Halo diorama takes us back to the classics

I recently replayed Halo: Combat Evolved for the first time in years with the updated Master Chief Collection, and I have to say that 20 years on, the game still holds up remarkably well. I do miss those split-screen, multi-TV LAN games with friends, though. This LEGO diorama by DP_Studios_ takes me right back there with that iconic Covenant architecture and the unmistakable and eternally awesome Warthog. The builder has added just the right amount of details throughout to make it feel the way I remember it, though I secretly suspect this diorama actually has more texture than the original game.

LEGO Halo MOC | Halo

1 comment on “This LEGO Halo diorama takes us back to the classics

  1. Jack M.

    I’m gonna be that guy… the alien architecture on the Halo ring is Forerunner, and the Covenant are the bad guys you fight. Awesome MOC though! I especially love the subtle mix of tans and browns on the ground.

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