Black Fantasy Attack!

No other title better describes what’s going on in this diorama by David Simmons. This is what happens when you’re out in a remote part of the galaxy and “a godless shape appears out of the blood red darkness, lurching with a sickening, yet inexorable slither towards our brave spacemen who stage a desperate but Continue reading →

Fabuland crosses black fantasy

Jordan Schwartz’s (SirNadroj) fascination with the Fabuland theme is spreading its presence to everywhere. His latest work encroaches upon two themes of my world: surrealism and black fantasy. The result is something dynamically hilarious in my opinion. Nice work Jordan, way to bring the Fabuland happiness plague to the dark realm of interdimensional and biomechanical Continue reading →

Black Fantasy wrap up

The Black Fantasy contest has just ended, and there are has been a myriad of entries, including a score of stunningly horrific creatures. The following highlights some of the amazing entries submitted towards the end of the contest. The Final Horror, by Dene Quest. Kermit the Destroyer, by Megan Rothrock. Howl of Lamentations Unending, by Continue reading →

Black Fantasy invades Russia

Jordan Schwartz (aka Sir Nadroj) shows that the Black Fantasy biomechanical creature invasion knows no bounds. Check out his interpretation of a monstrer demolishing a colorful Russian cathedral to rubbles. What an interesting concept!

Horrifically black fantasy

Justin Vaughn (aka Mainman), answered the call of my Black Fantasy contest and created a most horrific biomechanical creature, called the Wail of Echoes Eternal. Way to set the bar high Justin; this is top quality work. Meanwhile I’ll be eagerly looking forward to what other players will step up with.

The Black Breath

Cole Blood shows us the last place in Middle Earth you’d want to be: a lone soldier in the way of the Ringwraiths.

Blacktron returns with the Lucky Wolf

Builder Spaceruner uses a mix of older and newer parts to create a Blacktron I ship that looks both fresh and mean.

Historical black hole picture and ALMA observatory antenna accurately built in LEGO

One of the most important images captured in our lifetimes is recreated by Luis Peña — the M87 supermassive black hole, and it’s accompanied by an ALMA observatory antenna that helped take the picture.

Could Classic Space and Blacktron ever get along?

Jon & Catherine Stead bring us a Blacktron-esque Classic Space laser mining vehicle that will make you feel like you are mining moon rock yourself!

Blacktron dropship is seriously loaded

Go “Blacktron to the Futuron” with this fully loaded dropship built by Jme Wheeler. When you see the landing gear unfold, you won’t want to mess around!

Black mecha hardsuit is ready to bring the hurt

Moko’s chunky hardsuit is chock full of delightful details

Move over Blacktron; Pinktron P6R is the new rover in town

This flashy rover by Frost is ready for business and pleasure