Black Fantasy wrap up

The Black Fantasy contest has just ended, and there are has been a myriad of entries, including a score of stunningly horrific creatures. The following highlights some of the amazing entries submitted towards the end of the contest.

The Final Horror, by Dene Quest.

Kermit the Destroyer, by Megan Rothrock.

Howl of Lamentations Unending, by Justin Vaughn.

Cyclopean Spawn of Stars, by Mark Stafford.

The Demon of Madness, by Justin Stebbins.

Infinite Sadness, by Chris Edwards.

13 comments on “Black Fantasy wrap up

  1. wusmand

    my faves from 1st to last.
    1.Infinite sadness
    2.Cyclopean spawn of stars
    3.Howl of Lamentations Unending
    4.Kermit the Destroyer
    last but not least, the final horror

  2. Nathan Cunningham

    I’d hate to run into any of these in a dark alley. And yet I have the strange urge to build one of my own….

    Not a beast such as these, but the alley. ;-D

    On a different note, I can’t help but wonder if Chris Edwards is a Smashing Pumpkins fan….

  3. Saber-Scorpion

    First time I’ve ever been mentioned (as far as I know) on this blog, and already one of the commentators has seen fit to selectively ignore little ol’ me. *sniff*

    Oh well, I’m still quite proud to be up here alongside these other outstanding creations. My personal fav is Mark Stafford’s. Awesome!

    – Scorp

  4. David

    I’m staying away from LEGO fans in real life now, some of them have very dark minds. :)

  5. Chris Edwards

    I think your entry is awesome. You have to really study the photos (and read the descriptions) to see some of the best parts. I especially like how the “teeth” are held in place by dead victims embedded in the face.

    And Nate, I wasn’t as much of a fan as my brother was back when that album came out originally (I heard his a lot but never had it myself), but I thought it was a fitting name. It was an intentional tribute.

  6. John k

    They are all great entries, especially the demon of madness and Cyclopian spawn of stars. I think I might build black fantasy as well

  7. Preda

    My favorites of those are “The final horror” and “The demon of madness”,they are gorgeous.I’ll start to build some myself,I just fell for this way of combining my favorite brick color and the things in my mind…looking forward to the announcement of the winners,they’ll be pretty much as gorgeous as those creations above.

  8. lordtom

    i love all the black fantasies THEY ARE BRILLIANT!!!
    i really wish i could make one of my own

  9. n8

    i think my fav is scorps…its a ball of twisted horror with fire emerging from its dark soul. its kewl, and to megan for kermit, i like the usages of spiders! thats alot!

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