Sincerest form of flattery

I’m sure almost all who visits lego galleries have seen my profile portrait, which pops up on the brickshelf recent pages once in a while when I make a new creation. This has inspired the ever so whitty Rocko to create his own self portrait shot. Well, two can’t be in the same pose; maybe I should make another one or even start an AFOL self-portrait glamour shot contest. Throw those mad building skills to the wind and show the real you. I’ll be sure to find a panel of female judges ;)

The contest idea is not to be taken seriously, but it would be interesting.

10 comments on “Sincerest form of flattery

  1. Rocko

    I actually think a contest would be awesome. AFOLs competing at something other than Lego. :lol:

  2. Dunechaser

    My first reaction on seeing this at the top of the page was “Crap! Have we been hacked?!” And then I got it and had a good laugh. Phew… :-D

    Rocko is clearly much cooler than I am.

  3. Dover

    I don’t believe that any lego nerd is that “cool” I mean, look at those sideburns. Joe Namath never played with legos

  4. Keith G

    A Pabst swiling unicorn tamer? Yeah, he’d win. You can tell he’s a professional drinker by the way he looks at his bottle.

  5. Mister Zumbi

    DUDE! You – ink – Pabst Cigarettes some more hair = more or less me! Goddamit even the sideburns…I would even guess the music and the cars are the same :D Damn!

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