Crazy mouse rollercoaster

Steven Walker (Brickshelf user kwycstix) presents the most complete and complicated LEGO rollercoaster model I’ve seen. It’s based on the crazy mouse rollercoaster design, notorious for its sharp turns and steep dropoffs. Here, the builder uses t-connectors and cut up sections of pneumatic pipes to create the track. It must have taken quite some work, and the result is impressive.

6 comments on “Crazy mouse rollercoaster

  1. Dunechaser

    I missed the SEALUG meeting yesterday, and I suspect Steven Walker debuted this there. All of Steven’s carnival rides are fantastic — even more so in person, since many of them include ingenious movement of some sort.

  2. David

    I like the ferris wheel with the pods myself. It’s a good use of a rather useless piece that I have 20 of laying around.

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