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LEGO released Western/Wild West sets in 1996 and 1997, complete with cowboys and Indians, robbers and lawmen. Despite its brevity, the LEGO Western theme has remained popular among LEGO fans, who long for its return. In the meantime, see what they’ve built and designed themselves.

Lab Tracks

Brian Williams (BMW_Indy) is definitely not a LEGO purist and likes to do things his own way. With results like this I can see why. Whenever I see something new by Brian I always find myself questioning my own rules.

I’ve never seen The Wild Wild West TV show that inspired this creation, but I have to admit I’m tempted now. The idea of a lab on track is pretty cool.

Lab Car Interior

This was an entry for the Spaghetti Western contest on Eurobricks and you can vote for your favourite train here.

Featured builder: Dark-Alamez

We normally focus on only the most recent LEGO creations, but from time to time I run across a builder whose work I hadn’t taken notice of before (despite Josh posting Dark’s bazaar), and that I have to share regardless of when it was posted. Such is the case with Russian builder Dark-Alamez.

Brick Town Talk recently featured this Chicago scene, complete with a portable compressor and checkered taxi cab.

Chicago style

But I was transfixed by the next photo over, which combines simple details like the bedroll on the horse’s saddle in the foreground with a forced-perspective microscale castle in the background to create a wonderfully layered scene that tells a touching story.

The Return

Dark’s more recent ghost town features a collapsing shack and weathered chapel, with exactly the sort of rundown equipment you’d see lying around in parts of Northern California.


Ultimately, what caught my attention about Dark-Alamez is the variety of what he builds — not all in one style or theme. Check out all of Dark-Alamez’s LEGO models in his photostream on Flickr and Brickshelf gallery.

Western Trainset

Western Train

In the past I’ve designed and made instructions for a Wild West playset as Christmas gifts to the community. This year the Spaghetti Western contest at Eurobricks encouraged me to build one for myself. I wanted it to look like a cool toy train that a kid might get for Christmas or a birthday. Hopefully I achieved what I set out to do.

Brickfoot village

While there has been a decent number of western themed creations, few depict the lifestyle of the American Indian. This creation by Cecilie does that and features interesting techniques, most noticeably the texture of the cliff. I also like the use of the mummy wings on the totem pole – a perfect fit. Watch out for that giant rattlesnake!

Brickfoot village

Waitin’ for the 10:30 train departin’ here, headin’ for there....

Feel the heat on your skin? The dry, dry wind whistles past, and the hushed conversations of those on the platform drift your way. The horses keep quiet, and you just stand…wait…for the train to arrive, to take you out of this desolate place towards a new place, a new time, and perhaps a new beginning.

…awww, shucks. Look at what you made me do, Matija! I wrote a vignette. Not a good one, mind you, but still. That’s what your creation does, you see. It inspires.

Great West Railway Station

The details in this are so lovely and so numerous that I’ll let you spot them on your own.

Another fabulous find by Tommy!