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LEGO released Western/Wild West sets in 1996 and 1997, complete with cowboys and Indians, robbers and lawmen. Despite its brevity, the LEGO Western theme has remained popular among LEGO fans, who long for its return. In the meantime, see what they’ve built and designed themselves.

Featured builder: Dark-Alamez

We normally focus on only the most recent LEGO creations, but from time to time I run across a builder whose work I hadn’t taken notice of before (despite Josh posting Dark’s bazaar), and that I have to share regardless of when it was posted. Such is the case with Russian builder Dark-Alamez.

Brick Town Talk recently featured this Chicago scene, complete with a portable compressor and checkered taxi cab.

Chicago style

But I was transfixed by the next photo over, which combines simple details like the bedroll on the horse’s saddle in the foreground with a forced-perspective microscale castle in the background to create a wonderfully layered scene that tells a touching story.

The Return

Dark’s more recent ghost town features a collapsing shack and weathered chapel, with exactly the sort of rundown equipment you’d see lying around in parts of Northern California.


Ultimately, what caught my attention about Dark-Alamez is the variety of what he builds — not all in one style or theme. Check out all of Dark-Alamez’s LEGO models in his photostream on Flickr and Brickshelf gallery.

Waitin’ for the 10:30 train departin’ here, headin’ for there....

Feel the heat on your skin? The dry, dry wind whistles past, and the hushed conversations of those on the platform drift your way. The horses keep quiet, and you just stand…wait…for the train to arrive, to take you out of this desolate place towards a new place, a new time, and perhaps a new beginning.

…awww, shucks. Look at what you made me do, Matija! I wrote a vignette. Not a good one, mind you, but still. That’s what your creation does, you see. It inspires.

Great West Railway Station

The details in this are so lovely and so numerous that I’ll let you spot them on your own.

Another fabulous find by Tommy!

The Carnival is in town!

Matija Grguric takes us back to the Wild West with this fun carnival scene. But the crown jewel of this diorama isn’t the crowded carnival atmosphere, the bank robbers or the western buildings, though all of those are very nice. What really makes it stand out is the fact that it is powered. Who doesn’t like motorized dancing girls?

Western Carnival

Smoke signals

Croatian LEGO fan Matija Grguric has been on a Wild West building spree lately. His most recent diorama captured the look of the American West better than any American builder has (to my knowledge), complete with the banded colors of the Badlands.

Western Countyside

Matija is building all of his Western creations — from the Black Cat Saloon to Market Street — for an upcoming Club Kockice exhibit.

That little mesa is worth a closer look:

Western Countyside

Brickvention 2011 roundup


As I mentioned in my last post I spent last weekend (14th to 16th) enjoying myself at Brickvention 2011. This year is was significantly larger than last year with 140 AFOLs attended and 8000 people through the door on public day. In order to deal with an increasing number of attendees (last year there were 3000 through the door) the event had moved to a bigger venue but with a three-fold increase in attendance it simply wasn’t enough. Sadly many people had to wait two hours to get in and some were turned away at the end of the day. The event seems to be approaching the size of some of the smaller European and US fests.

But I suspect our readers aren’t too interested in statistics compared to pictures. After giving attendees a weekend to get their pictures up there are now a bunch of photos up on flickr (check the BV pool and BV 2011 pool or appropriate tags).

My absolute favourites were the steampunk ship Hyperion (top) by Darren Reid and the Sydney club’s Western display (bottom). Much to my chagrin I spent most of the public days building and didn’t get to see many of the smaller models but I did get a quick moment to wander around and check out the bigger models so can also recommend Ross Crawford‘s crane (right), Kevin Hall‘s Drachenberg castle, Ryan McNaught‘s The Love Boat (left) and Hogwart’s school (left) by David Scalone. But there was numerous other great models around the place.


I certainly look forward to Brickvention 2012 whenever and wherever it may be. If you’re in the region this event just gets bigger and better each year so do come along. And many, many, many thanks to the organisers. They put in a lot of effort and ran a very tight ship.

David Cook has posted timelapse photos of the start of public day