Yoohoo. I’ll make you rich and famous!

It may not be high noon yet, but it seems as thought there are already a few transactions going on at the bank in this Western scene by Paul Trach. The Brick Bank is a handsome building with its clock above the entrance complete with ‘saloon-style’ swing doors.  The roof has a water barrel, brick-built signs, and some lovely detailing on the railings. It’s clear that this ain’t no drinking establishment as there are some finely dressed gentlemen exiting with their pocketwatches and bowler hats in place.

Brick Bank

My favourite part of the build is best seen in this close-up view of the ground floor. The beautiful glass windows have some fancy metal-work to prevent any outlaws from breaking in and stealing from the bank. These windows are really a stand-out detail for me,  but I have to mention the fun use of light bluish grey ingots as brickwork.

Brick Bank

No Western scene is complete without a cactus, but since this is a fine banking establishment, Paul has chosen a lovely flowering cactus as decorative flora.

2 comments on “Yoohoo. I’ll make you rich and famous!

  1. Aaron Farmer

    You seem to have overlooked the fact that this is a wonderful homage to the Creator Brick Bank set. Using the colour scheme, stained glass windows, and ingots throughout. What a loving tribute and awesome build!

  2. Kierstin

    I really love the Western-feel of it! There are so many amazing details that I have not seen in other builds. Kudos to you!

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