Gettin’ cozy at the South Seas Scallywag

It’s not often we get to feature the Western theme around these parts! I was quite excited to stumble upon Karen Metz‘s South Seas Scallywag. I see new details every time I look at it.

It’s such a great wild-west building facade. I love the planking on the walls, and the details on the upper floor.


But wait, there’s more! Take a peak inside and you’ll see a vibrant saloon filled with all sorts of characters and gorgeous detail.


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2 comments on “Gettin’ cozy at the South Seas Scallywag

  1. Mnemonyx

    When I read “South Seas Scallywag” the western theme didn’t spring to mind. Notwithstanding the odd reporting from The Brothers Brick, I think that this is a great classic space model.

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