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LEGO released Western/Wild West sets in 1996 and 1997, complete with cowboys and Indians, robbers and lawmen. Despite its brevity, the LEGO Western theme has remained popular among LEGO fans, who long for its return. In the meantime, see what they’ve built and designed themselves.

Rancho Excellento

With mini dioramas it’s often hard to select a picture to go on TBB as you inevitably miss out some nice details. Josh Morris’s (I Scream Clone) Rancho Relaxo gave me that problem. I think this photo captures the ‘essence’ best but misses out on the muster yard and other details you can see in the zoomed pictures. And although he’s a fellow Aussie those of you attending BrickWorld 2010 will get to see this in person.

Crossing the Nevada desert in comfort and style

What’s with all the LEGO Western creations the last few days? One builder we haven’t highlighted yet is Josh Morris (I Scream Clone), who’s been churning them out faster than I can bookmark them.

Aside from his hilariously named outhouse, my favorite Wild West creation from him so far is this stagecoach:

LEGO stagecoach

One horse (without reins) seems a bit underpowered, but the stagecoach itself is excellent, atop an irregular base replete with iconic saguaro, buzzard, and cow’s skull.

Don’t miss Josh’s other great Western creations, including Gold Rush Fever.

Steampunk moves to the jet age

A good amount of my day yesterday was spent talking about the US Air Force and LEGO steampunk with a cousin-in-law who is coming out of his dark ages. So it seemed fortuitous that Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine) posted pictures of his steam jet powered P2 Thunderbolt of the US Air Cavalry, circa 1906.

2 Much Caffeine P2 Thunderbolt

Bryan, you’re not alone.

2008 Vintage

Anthony Savas LEGO PRR T1

Those of us who are into trains know that Anthony Sava has been working on his Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Duplex (4-4-4-4) Steam Engine #5544 for a year and a half. We know this because Tony has been posting work-in-progress pictures, asking for advice and generally running an interactive development system for all this time.

Since many people seemed to enjoy my Anatomy of a Warehouse post where I went through some of my own building stages I think this post should appeal even more. Anthony has documented about 30 images as he has progressed in this project.

Right at the beginning he asked for advice and suggestions on the nose which elicited many responses. As one of the most prominent features of the train it is really important to get this right and I think Tony achieved this admirably in his final version.

Later on Tony used LDraw to mock up various components of the train. I assure you the vanity of the example selection was accidental.

As the train got nearer to completion (this picture is four weeks old as of today) the design began to settle down (note the differences from the CAD image above) and more refined details started to appear.

A final pre-production version was completed a few days ago. Just lacking the stickers and any final tweaks. Tony thanks many people for their help but I’d like to thank him for spending the time on this excellent creation.

And I think we can all agree this train has aged rather well since its inception.

The crazy wild west

SlyOwl‘s latest scene uses slanted bricks and slopes to create a realistic texture on the cliff. It’s hard to tell at a glance which bricks are true slopes versus slanted bricks and vice versa, which makes this creation even more interesting.

The technique by itself is enough to warrant a mention on the blog, but the builder has included an action packed interior full of comical hilarity.