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LEGO released Western/Wild West sets in 1996 and 1997, complete with cowboys and Indians, robbers and lawmen. Despite its brevity, the LEGO Western theme has remained popular among LEGO fans, who long for its return. In the meantime, see what they’ve built and designed themselves.

Brickvention 2011 roundup


As I mentioned in my last post I spent last weekend (14th to 16th) enjoying myself at Brickvention 2011. This year is was significantly larger than last year with 140 AFOLs attended and 8000 people through the door on public day. In order to deal with an increasing number of attendees (last year there were 3000 through the door) the event had moved to a bigger venue but with a three-fold increase in attendance it simply wasn’t enough. Sadly many people had to wait two hours to get in and some were turned away at the end of the day. The event seems to be approaching the size of some of the smaller European and US fests.

But I suspect our readers aren’t too interested in statistics compared to pictures. After giving attendees a weekend to get their pictures up there are now a bunch of photos up on flickr (check the BV pool and BV 2011 pool or appropriate tags).

My absolute favourites were the steampunk ship Hyperion (top) by Darren Reid and the Sydney club’s Western display (bottom). Much to my chagrin I spent most of the public days building and didn’t get to see many of the smaller models but I did get a quick moment to wander around and check out the bigger models so can also recommend Ross Crawford‘s crane (right), Kevin Hall‘s Drachenberg castle, Ryan McNaught‘s The Love Boat (left) and Hogwart’s school (left) by David Scalone. But there was numerous other great models around the place.


I certainly look forward to Brickvention 2012 whenever and wherever it may be. If you’re in the region this event just gets bigger and better each year so do come along. And many, many, many thanks to the organisers. They put in a lot of effort and ran a very tight ship.

David Cook has posted timelapse photos of the start of public day

A story of synergistic collaboration (and how a tree was built)

Gum tree Attempt 2 - With Gamborts changes

Aaron Amatnieks (akama1_lego) and I were spending a productive day in a LEGO chatroom yesterday when he showed me a tree he’d been working on. I absolutely loved the concept and went off to build one for myself.

I’ve been thinking about gum trees a bit lately so had some ideas to try out showing Azz the pictures and getting his feedback at each stage. We then both went off building and not saying much until resurfacing with much improved gum trees. And gave ourselves a pat on the back.

Today I posted some more refinements and a breakdown and Azz just featured his latest in an amusing diorama (warning! may offend the easily offended). This sharing is one thing I love about the LEGO community. Bouncing ideas from one another to make it all better.

Thus ends my story.

Ghost Gum sketch V

Bordello action in Brennan Gulch

Multi-theme builder Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever) takes on the Wild West in his latest diorama, named after actor Walter Brennan.

LEGO Wild West diorama

Observe the defenestration of an unruly bordello customer, the prisoner using some dynamite to break out of the sheriff’s jail cell, and many other lovely details.

See more angles on MOCpages and Flickr.

Rancho Excellento

With mini dioramas it’s often hard to select a picture to go on TBB as you inevitably miss out some nice details. Josh Morris’s (I Scream Clone) Rancho Relaxo gave me that problem. I think this photo captures the ‘essence’ best but misses out on the muster yard and other details you can see in the zoomed pictures. And although he’s a fellow Aussie those of you attending BrickWorld 2010 will get to see this in person.

Crossing the Nevada desert in comfort and style

What’s with all the LEGO Western creations the last few days? One builder we haven’t highlighted yet is Josh Morris (I Scream Clone), who’s been churning them out faster than I can bookmark them.

Aside from his hilariously named outhouse, my favorite Wild West creation from him so far is this stagecoach:

LEGO stagecoach

One horse (without reins) seems a bit underpowered, but the stagecoach itself is excellent, atop an irregular base replete with iconic saguaro, buzzard, and cow’s skull.

Don’t miss Josh’s other great Western creations, including Gold Rush Fever.