Trains with a twist

In the last four weeks I’ve been travelling through the US. During my trip I attended Brickfair Virginia and now that I am back home, I’m slowly going through my photographs to pick some highlights to share with you. Joshua Brooks (JBIronWorks), whose father built the ‘Defense of Little Round Top’ diorama I blogged a while ago won the best train award at the event with his General Haupt locomotive.

General Haupt 4-4-0 Union Locomotive.

Like his father’s diorama, this also has a US civil war theme. The locomotive was named after General Herman Haupt, who was the Union General in charge of the United States Military Railroad, which was used to supply the Union Army and to transport casualties to hospitals safely away from the front lines. To me it doesn’t look as though it is a super-complicated model, but I like the overall look and the history.

The Western train by monstrophonic wasn’t at Brickfair, although I wouldn’t have minded having a closer look at this diorama with my own two eyes.

Western Train Crash....

The train itself is nicely done. Like most good dioramas this one seems to tell a story. Was the derailment an accident or was it caused by train robbers?

3 comments on “Trains with a twist

  1. Barman76

    You must look more often at Lowlug (Dutch Lego Forum). Monstrophonic has made this MOC as his entry for the Lone Ranger contest on Lowlug celebrating its 10 year anniversary.
    It’s a scene from the movie, so I have been told. I haven’t seen the movie, but this is just amazingly well done.

  2. michael.rutherford

    Wow! Incredible detail. Those rail road ties captured in mid air… stunning. Great stuff. Attack!

  3. Ralph Post author

    Thanks for the comment, Michael. It’s a pretty stunning view indeed.

    Thanks for the added info Barman. In grave dereliction of duty, I haven’t been keeping track of pretty much anything LEGO-related in the last four weeks or so (preferring instead to enjoy the scenery whilst drinking Sam Adams), but I did see this pop up on flickr. I’ll keep an eye out for other entries.

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