Iain Heath twerks his way to LEGO Internet infamy

We all know that Iain Heath of The Living Brick is the master of capturing the latest moments in pop-culture history in LEGO. But I would posit that he has gone too far!

Apparently, there was some sort of awards show for motion-picture musicals or something recently. Proving that the event I had never heard of before was indeed supposed to be family-centric, the daughter (age 20) of “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus danced while the son (age 36) of the dad from Growing Pains sang a popular song. I’m told by multiple people on the Internet that the problem was that these two children of beloved celebrity parents did not act like the pure-hearted children that they should be!

LEGO Miley Cyrus VMA twerk

I have not brought myself to watch any video footage of the atrocity inflicted on the world (on par with the worst things happening elsewhere on the planet), but I’m told that I should find the whole thing distasteful. I’m shocked and saddened that an upstanding member of the LEGO building community would stoop so low. After all, these are children’s toys. Think of the children, Iain! The children!

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