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Hold up! We want to talk to you about your wagon’s extended warranty!

It wasn’t always dysentery that did you in on the Oregon trail. Dmitry has created a microscale wonder in “The Road To The West”,  a build full of great details and part usage. A few that caught my eye right away were the use of hubcaps for the spoked wagon wheels and the really clever combination of small parts in the horses. I also adore the slight gaps between the sections of the coach’s cover. Those allow for a wind-swept look that enhances the scene’s already great sense of motion.

The Road to the West

This scene feels like a small part of a larger story. What happens next? Maybe Dmitry will share another build in the future that fills us in. Otherwise we’ll just have to look at some other great Western-inspired creations and make up our own legends.

This barber can help get you back into polite society again

I remember barbershops! They were popular before all this COVID stuff. Since lockdown, some of us have taken matters into our own unskilled hands. One neighbor gave himself the “Robocop” haircut while another gave himself the ever-popular “I’ll never recover from this financially” hairdo. As circumstances have it, I’ve been rocking the “Crystal Palace” look for months now. No muss, no fuss, no nothing! With my goatee, I resemble the bassist for a heavy metal band or a tiny bouncer. Once things get back to normal this LEGO barber by Vir-a-cocha should get your hair looking as hip and cool as his own. He seems like he’d be a fun conversationalist, too. I really miss barbershops! Do yourselves a favor, next time you go to a barber or beautician, be sure to tip them well and let them know they are greatly appreciated. I also really miss hair.


Fly boy is well suited for the job

A brown leather jacket, white scarf, and aviator hat topped with goggles are still components of the garb that my mind heavily associates with pilots, although the look is definitely outdated compared to today’s pilots and their jumpsuits. Nevertheless Vir-a-cocha on Flickr brings back the vintage pilot ensemble in his figural build of a classic aviator.


This brick-built figure utilizes decent-sized bricks and more angular slope pieces in addition to some smaller elements, tiles, and plate pieces. A few light grey wing pieces render the classic fur or Sherpa lining that most jackets of these types featured. The iconic white scarf is shaped by way of a white plate on a white wing piece with a couple of slopes on the sides of the pilot’s head. The aviator’s goggles make use of a couple of trans-clear black 1×1 cheese slopes, which work very well to recreate such eyewear. Overall the build certainly embodies the classic image that most may picture when imagining an adventurous pilot.

A very statuesque elf

This elven archer by Dmitry would be at home on any Lord of the Rings fan’s mantelpiece. The clean and minimalist approach to the facial features makes the ornate armor all the more impressive. I particularly like the use of Ninjago Spinner blades as wrapped hair braids, and the grill tiles for a flattop makes me chuckle. (As did that golden banana as part of the tunic.) But I’m certainly not laughing at the great shaping in grey achieved by cheese slopes and curved brick, or at that elegant display stand.

Elf Archer

This build has a different look from most LEGO figures we see at this scale, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

“The Kid” wins by a knockout!

Can you believe it, folks? Builder Vir-a-cocha has reason to do a few victory laps around the ring today as this boxing scene has us all talking like Howard Cosell. This pugilist (probably so called because they look like pugs once they’re done with each other) has his arm raised in victory. “The Kid” in the red trunks has won with a knockout in the 9th round up against “Hollywood” Tony Malone in the blue. He’ll be seeing stars for weeks for sure! Boxing history is made here at The Brothers Brick Square Garden! This wouldn’t be the first time Vir-a-cocha has dazzled us all, not by a long shot!


No matter your age, always follow your passion

Growing up doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up what you’ve grown to enjoy over the years. Vir-a-cocha captures the essence of this sentiment with a picturesque LEGO beach scene. While the figure’s white hair suggests he’s older, he looks to be living the best years of his life. The old man’s muscular physique indicates he’s in good health and ready to take to the waves, and he has pulled up to the beach in a classic yellow and black 1970s Dodge Challenger. Each build is well-executed, and I especially enjoy the the man’s flowery Hawaiian shirt. Of course, the image wouldn’t be complete without the colorful background and real sand!

The Old Man and the Sea