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Short in stature but long in hair? Per Wilkinsson to the rescue!

What do you do when you’re under five feet tall and your voluminous tresses are getting wild and wooly? Why you would pay a visit to Per Wilkinsson’s Dwarven Barber Shop, of course. LEGO builder Aurore presents this amazing little shop complete with Celtic ornamentation, colorful awning, Viking-style roof and a sign adorned with scissors. Plenty of animals perch on or near the shop while a patron outside haggles for a beard trim. If it turns out Per was just a bit too feisty with the trimmers, you can cover your new botched hairdo with an assortment of bronze and silver helmets at the stand outside.

[GoH] Dwarven Barber Shop

The whole shebang was inspired by the Friends Heartlake City Hair Salon set. Brilliant!

Heartlake City Hair Salon Castle-ification