A man walked into a saloon

It’s been a fantasy of mine to walk into a saloon, and my very presence causes everything to halt to a silence. I’ve entered a few bars in my adult life, and apparently, despite all my squinting and scowling, I just don’t cut a badass imposing figure. This guy, on the other hand, looks like he means some serious business. KitKat1414 presents this scene in LEGO and you can just hear the gasps and the honky-tonk piano whimper off while mid-tune. I like the window, the crooked painting on the wall, and the overall lived-in feel of this saloon. If bars ever open up again, I’ll be sure to practice my best Clint Eastwood squint, and in a gruff, low grunt, I’ll announce to the barkeep that I’ll have “the hair of the dog that bit me.” Then I’ll just hope they don’t hand me a Zinfandel.

07 A Man Walked into the Saloon

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  1. yb

    Notice all the collectable minifigures parts used… The main guy is basically the mr. good and evil from series 9 only with the head of the highwayman from series 17 and two yellow hands with the highwayman’s pistols, and the guy sitting facing him has the face of Larry the Barista from the first lego movie series and I think also the torso of the series 10 grandpa. The blurred guy with the cowboy hat is wearing the hat from the series 18 cowboy costume guy

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